hunter on ATV

8 Must-Have Items to Outfit Your ATV for Hunting

September 17, 2020
ATVs are a popular tool for modern hunters. Part pack mule, part truck, part tractor – ATVs have so many uses that many hunters won’t go afield without one. Outfitting one to fit your needs is part…
ATV plowing field

ATV/UTV Food Plot Accessories Buyer's Guide

June 3, 2020
Are you a landowner, longing to attract healthy wildlife to your property? Improving your property for wildlife can be a daunting task, but with the right equipment attached to your ATV or UTV it’s…
News & Tips: Bad Boy Off-Road ATV’s & UTV’s Highlighted on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio...

Bad Boy Off-Road ATV’s & UTV’s Highlighted on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

June 23, 2016
Join host Rob Keck this week on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio for an exclusive interview at the home of Bad Boy Off-Road in Augusta, Georgia with Philip Jhant, Director of Channel Development at…
Hunter on an ATV

4 Ways Your ATV Can Make You a Better Hunter

August 25, 2015
If you’re at all like me, you’re interested in anything that can make you a better hunter. One key piece of equipment is an ATV. If you have one parked in your garage, there’s a good chance you…
News & Tips: Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio is Live in Memphis at the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid...

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio Explores the Status of Whitetail Populations in the U.S

May 22, 2015
  Brian Murphy, CEO of Quality Deer Management Association Plus, Arctic Cat product development expert discusses what shoppers should look for when buying at ATV Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio…
News & Tips: The Endless Possibilities of Spotlights...

The Endless Possibilities of Spotlights

September 9, 2014
When you need a super-bright, far-reaching light, a spotlight works best. Navigating a boat at night, viewing wildlife after dark, varmint hunting, frog hunting and emergency signaling are all tasks…
ATV outfitted with hunting gear

Essential Gear to Outfit Your ATV

August 8, 2014
The popularity of ATVs among anglers and hunters is no surprise — these workhorses can carry or tow an incredible amount. They're easy to operate and, when handled responsibly and driven on…
News & Tips: Spraying With an ATV: Get Results With These 5 Steps...

Spraying With an ATV: Get Results With These 5 Steps

July 11, 2014
ATVs can help you do a variety of work on your property and ATVs like the Arctic Cat have many models capable of heavy-duty tasks as well as a range of tools, accessories and attachments. One of the…
News & Tips: ATV Safety

ATV Safety

March 11, 2014
The latest studies show that the number of all-terrain vehicle injuries in 2011 surpassed 100,000, with 30 percent of those involving kids under 16, according to the United States Consumer Product…
Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device by Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device...

New Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device Saves Lives

November 2, 2013
Each year in North America an average of 60 people drown when their snowmobiles and ATV’s crash through thin ice on frozen lakes and rivers. The Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device is a compact, self-…
News & Tips: 3 Great Trails to Ride Your ATV

3 Great Trails to Ride Your ATV

August 29, 2013
Some outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Mother Nature by treading lightly along a scenic trail in their hiking boots, stopping occasionally to admire flora and fauna, a fiery sunrise or sunset.  Others like…
News & Tips: ATV Safety Basics

ATV Safety Basics

October 10, 2012
All-terrain vehicles are enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts for their adventurous off-roading capabilities and versatility. But don’t let their rugged exterior fool you – they are not immune from serious…