News & Tips: Use a Tadpole to Get to the Fish

Use a Tadpole to Get to the Fish

There are many different ways to get your bait in front of a walleye when trolling. One method that I have come to rely on is using an Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Resettable Diving Weight (Model OR36).…
Pre-Spawn Crappie

North Country Crappies: Spring Spawning Transition

By Pros4- 1Source As the Spring progresses through unseasonably cold weather this year the crappie in the North have begun the transition to spawn and reversed back out to deeper water a couple…
Author grilling fish for Fish Taco Boats

Tasty Smoked & Grilled Crappie Fish Boat Taco Recipe

One of the most popular species of fish to go after during the spring and early summer is slab crappie. Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets If you're not familiar with slab crappie, crappie have different…
Seat Trout angler holding his catch. photo by D. Brown

Catching Speckled Trout the Gators of the Gulf

Folks throughout the Gulf states are well familiar with gators of the reptilian kind, but mentioning “gators” to coastal anglers fosters pleasant thoughts of hefty speckled trout also called sea…
Ross Robertson holding a large walleye

Proven Theories From a Walleye Fishing Guide

Spring Walleye Rise to the Occasion With unseasonably warm temperatures this past winter, many anglers already have their boats out of storage and ready to chase down some early spring walleye.…
Nice walleye caught on a jig in the shallows

Jigging Tips and Techniques For Spring Midwest Walleyes

by Steve Worrall Walleye anglers from the upper Midwest love tradition and have the tendency to stick to it. Visit any lake or river during opening weekend of walleye; you’ll see minnow buckets,…
Bass angler at Lake Sidney with spotted bass

Best Places to Fish: Lake Sidney Lanier, GA

Weather Patterns and Water Clarity are Key Factors for Anglers Fishing on Lake Sidney Lanier For those that like to target crappie, bass, walleye and more, Lake Sidney Lanier delivers.Lake Sidney…
Springtime Crappie From The Reeds

Finding Upper Midwest Crappie From Ice Out to Spawn

Spring and great crappie fishing are synonymous across the upper Midwest, and for very good reason. As the weather and sun angle warms the water, crappie move in from their Winter haunts showing up…
Two bass anglers on Kentucky lake, one with a bass

Best Places to Fish in Kentucky Lake: Kentucky & Tennessee

Kentucky Lake is the western boundary of the 270-square mile Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. It is recognized as one of the nation's top fishing lakes for largemouth and crappie…
Nice walleye caught slow trolling a Salmo Bullhead 8SDR.

Early Season Post Spawn Walleye Tactics

by Jason Mitchell Early season post spawn walleye fishing tactics often incorporate live bait rigging and jigging. Particularly with states like Minnesota and Wisconsin that have a walleye opener,…
Brad Chappell attends to his long-line trolling spread. Courtesy photo.

Go Fishing and Catch Big Crappie With Long-Line Trolling

Long-line trolling is one of the best ways to find and catch crappie quickly, says Brad Chappell, a Mississippi crappie guide and competitive angler. Long-lining covers water and is especially good…
Lady angler at Lake Fort holding up a larg white bass

Best Places to Fish in Texas: Lake Fork Reservoir

Lake Fork is regarded as one of the premier largemouth bass fisheries in the state of Texas and for the entire country. Created in 1980 by the Sabine River Authority, the lake provides ample cover…