Rifle Shooting

Jeff Cooper's concept, the Scout Rifle

Resurgance of the Scout Rifle

In the late 1960s, Gunsite Academy founder Jeff Cooper began structuring what he considered the ultimate general-purpose rifle. Throughout the next 30 years he worked with various custom rifles in an…
ruger 10/22 is a favorite rifle for many shooters

Ruger 10/22 – 50+ Years Of Excellence

We recently celebrated the Ruger 10/22's 50th anniversary. It has withstood the test of time and is to this day a very popular firearm with both new and experienced shooters. So what is it about this…
Hornady hunting bullets

Hornady's Ammo Revolution

Match Grade at Any Distance Using Doppler radar and state-of-the-art aeroballistics software, Hornady® engineers discovered that conventional polymer tips in high-ballistic-coefficient bullets melt…
Shooter practicing with rifle

How to Become a Better Rifle Shot (video)

Most rifle shooters recognize that there's no substitute for time spent at the range. They know that to become a competent rifleman, a shooter needs to practice. A whole lot, in fact. Unfortunately…
News & Tips: Long-Range Shooting Schools Teach Accuracy, Confidence...

Long-Range Shooting Schools Teach Accuracy, Confidence

I have previously written about Hunting Classes and Shooting Schools. In my continuing look at various learning opportunities in the world of hunting and shooting, I now bring you some information on…
Deer Hunter scouting

Dependable Smaller Caliber Rifles for Aging Deer Hunters

Experienced deer hunters enjoy nothing more than recalling grand adventures into their favorite haunts for big whitetails. Hunters with decades of experience spin yarns about deer camps, the…
News & Tips: 10 Tricks for Sighting-In a Rifle

10 Tricks for Sighting-In a Rifle

Sighting-in a rifle is fairly simple if you follow a few basic steps outlined in a previous how-to article, How to Sight-In a Rifle. But there are also some tricks I've picked up over the years to…