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winterizing your rv

6 Most Often Overlooked Steps in Winterizing Your Camper (video)

When you’re standing in the dealership in the spring making the deal on your new camper or RV, the thought of winterizing the rig is far away. In the excitement to hit the road and enjoy the great…
News & Tips: Five Most Common Questions About Towing & Setting Up Camper Trailers...

Five Most Common Questions About Towing & Setting Up Camper Trailers

The beauty of camping with a trailer towed behind your SUV or truck is you just hook up and roll … right? Not quite. While having a self-contained camping trailer truly adds convenience and…
9 Questions To Always Ask When Renting An RV

RV Camping: Renting an RV? 9 Questions You Must Always Ask

Camping is one of the best ways to really experience all that the great outdoors has to offer. And if you're a RV camper renting an RV for a summer road trip the list of what to do can seem like a…
News & Tips: RV Boondocking 101

RV Boondocking 101

If you’re familiar with the phrase “in the boondocks” or “in the boonies,” you can probably infer what RV boondocking is all about. For those unfamiliar: The terms “boondocks” or “boonies” refer to…
News & Tips: RV Camping? Consider a Travel Trailer

RV Camping? Consider a Travel Trailer

The RV industry has seen several manufacturers close up shop over the last few years, victims of the bad economy. That doesn't mean that RV camping has slowed down much, but most RVers are owning…