RV Boondocking 101

News & Tips: RV Boondocking 101

RV driving down a remote roadIf you’re familiar with the phrase “in the boondocks” or “in the boonies,” you can probably infer what RV boondocking is all about.

For those unfamiliar: The terms “boondocks” or “boonies” refer to an area that’s in the middle of nowhere, far away from other people or the trappings of city life.

With that in mind, RV boondocking is exactly what it sounds like: RV camping in a remote, backwoods area.

So beyond what it’s called, how is a different from typical RV camping?

While much RV camping is done on campsites with access to electricity, showers and other amenities, RV boondocking is a way to really get away from it all. In the boondocks, there’s no electricity, no cellphone reception and no water or sewer. Though some may feel limited by this way of RV camping, others will attest that RV boondocking is a peaceful, liberating experience, as it’s immersing oneself in a state of independence and solitude.

Some benefits of boondocking include:

  • Freedom. Though you can’t park your RV just anywhere -- you’ve got to select areas open to camping -- boondocking gives you the opportunity to drop in to the sites of your choice without prior reservations or check-out times. This method of camping also frees you from tight-packed campgrounds that may be noisy and crowded.
  • Cost savings. Boondocking is free.
  • Resource conservation. As boondockers aren’t using electricity or water amenities, boondocking provides the opportunity to take a break from resource consumption.

To find boondocking sites for your next RV outing, please visit freecampsites.net, and click the “Find Campsites” tab on the upper left-hand side of the page. And for additional information about RV boondocking, be sure to check out all the great books available about the subject.

Happy boondocking!