Anger sitting in a fishing boat holding up a large walleye fish

Fired-Up for Falls Hungry Walleye

October 15, 2019
Right now, rivers are full of hungry and aggressive walleyes migrating towards their cooler weather hangouts. Fall is an awesome time of year to catch some great fish! These walleyes are on the prowl…
Angler holding walleye with snelled fishing spinners and nightcrawler hooked in its mouth

DIY Tying Snelled Fishing Spinners - A Walleye Wonder Weapon (video)

July 24, 2019
For walleye anglers, snelled spinners are very close to a silver bullet. There are few places or situations where a snelled spinner won’t catch walleyes. Snelled spinner lures can be fished in lakes…
3 non-trolling fishing techniques to score a few walleyes this summer

Techniques For Summer Time Walleye

May 28, 2019
by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl Summer walleye fishing is often associated with trolling in open water, but for many, trolling isn’t always something to be pursued. So, for those of you not on the…
Korey Sprengel by Korey Sprengel

Pro Angler Korey Sprengel Answers Three Questions From Pros4- 1Source

April 18, 2019
by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl Korey Sprengel is one of the biggest names in professional walleye fishing today. He’s won plenty and is now a veteran of the sport. However, to this date, Sprengel…
Johnnie Candle by Johnnie Candle

Johnnie Candle Shares His Pro Fishing Journey

February 26, 2019
by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl   It all started in 1993. Johnnie Candle finished up his marketing degree from the University of Akron and decided he’d have one more summer helping his dad on his…
News & Tips: 8 Jigging Ideas to Ice Walleyes on Lake Mille Lacs...

8 Jigging Ideas to Ice Walleyes on Lake Mille Lacs

February 5, 2019
Each winter, thousands of anglers make their way to Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota for exceptional walleye fishing through the ice. This 132,516-acre lake reaches 42 feet in depth, with many gravel…
Walleye On Cranks  by Walleye On Cranks

Trolling Weeds for Walleye

August 9, 2018
By Jason Mitchell Large weed covered flats seem to hold walleye particularly through the first half of the summer.  These large nondescript locations can be often overlooked by anglers who have been…
News & Tips: 3 Key Tips for Catching Some River Walleye Action (video)...

3 Key Tips for Catching Some River Walleye Action (video)

October 24, 2017
There is so much written about fishing walleye on the lakes and reservoirs that many anglers have forgotten that walleye are actually a river fish species and are very at home living in the current…
Jason Mitchell by Jason Mitchell

Fall Weed Fishing for Walleye Tactics

August 30, 2017
by Jason Mitchell   Weeds hold walleyes all summer long but aquatic vegetation can become even more appealing in the fall when water temperatures drop.  While many productive patterns can emerge,…
News & Tips: Working up Summer Walleyes

Working up Summer Walleyes

August 29, 2017
This time of year, the lakes are typically full of natural bait, like bugs, minnows and larvae. With an abundance of food, it is easy for walleyes to become lazy when looking for a meal. As a result…
News & Tips: The One-Two Punch for August Walleyes

The One-Two Punch for August Walleyes

July 31, 2017
Walleyes in August aren’t always eager to bite, but if you hit them with a one-two punch, chances are you will find success! During this time of year on many bodies of water, the walleyes are…
Jason Mitchell by Jason Mitchell

Walleye Fishing: Structure Trolling Refined With Jason Mitchell

June 27, 2017
By Jason Mitchell:    Historically, trolling structure come mid-summer was “big picture thinking” in that we chose long contours and consistent break lines where we could put our fishing lures behind…