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The Essential Kayak Gear List

Kayaks open an incredible range of opportunities to those who use them. When paired with the right equipment, kayaks can be many things: highly capable fishing platforms, remote camping expedition…
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Kayak Buyers Guide

Kayaks are among the most versatile vessels on the water. The kayak’s combination of ruggedness, ease of use and the ability to take anywhere, make it a favorite for families across North America.…
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6 Key Items for Rigging Your Fishing Kayak

by Josh Workman, Cabela’s Pro Staff and Kayak Fishing Expert Marine Electronics Work Great for Kayak Fishing Sonar and GPS units are not just for traditional fishing boats. With new models…
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Basic Guide to Kayaking for Beginners (video)

According to the Outdoor Industry Association participation report in 2018, 22.9 million Americans, or 7.6 percent of the U.S. population, took to rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans to participate in…
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Explore 3 of the Best Scenic Float Trips in the Ozarks (video)

For many years, the rivers and streams of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas have been favorite destinations for river floaters in search of what mother nature has to offer. I have been…
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Kayak Bassin’: 3 Can’t-Miss Finesse Jig Fishing Presentations

A Kayak has Many Perks for Fishing Bass Being able to access remote waters and sneak-up on fish are particularly advantageous. But, even on secluded lakes teeming with bass, the fish don’t always…

Fly Fishing Personal Watercraft Buyer's Guide

Personal watercrafts are useful for a variety of situations. Fishing ponds or lakes from the shore can be frustrating, as it often seems that those rising fish are just beyond the reach of your fly.…

Paddle and Oar Buyer's Guide

You are captain of your own ship, guiding yourself down the paths of your own choosing — all the while using your arms as your guide. And your watercraft will never run out of gas unless you do,…
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Important Factors to Selecting Your Fishing Kayak

By Josh Workman, Cabela’s Pro Staff and Kayak Fishing Expert There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself while selecting a kayak. What waters will you fish? Will you be taking…
News & Tips: Begin Kayaking With These 7 Must-Have Kayak Gear Essentials...

Begin Kayaking With These 7 Must-Have Kayak Gear Essentials

Key Paddling Gear You'll Need to Go Kayaking Of course you need a kayak and a paddle. Your first few outings should probably be in a rented kayak. Perhaps you'll even decide to take lessons - formal…
Fish Easier on a Kayak With These DIY Tips

You Can Make Fishing Easier on a Kayak With These DIY Tips (video)

The Ascend 128T sit-on-top kayak is the flagship of the Ascend fleet, considering that it’s the longest and best equipped. I own an Ascend 128T and needed to customize my rig to fit my preferences…
News & Tips: Kayakers, Are You Being Practical About Cold Weather Fishing?...

Kayakers, Are You Being Practical About Cold Weather Fishing?

It might be tempting to think of kayaking or canoeing as a spring-summer-fall activity, but as long as the cold water you fish isn’t hard—that is covered with a sheet of ice—then cold weather fishing…