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close up of deer in field

Deer Hunting 101: Essentials for the New Hunter

Deer hunting is an age-old tradition enjoyed by countless hunters. Whether stepping into the field for sport, for putting venison on the table, or hunting as a passion, hunting deer always puts your…
Fall Deer Hunting Checklist

Deer Hunting Checklist: Your Essential Guide for a Successful Hunt

As the chill of autumn sets in and the leaves begin to change, hunters across the country eagerly anticipate the opening morning of deer hunting season. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a…
bass jumping out of water on fishing line

Fall Bass Fishing: Choosing Crankbait Colors

Among the many options available to anglers, fishing crankbaits during the fall is almost always a good choice. Bass begin feeding on shad and small baitfish and crankbaits are excellent at imitating…
elk bugling in open terrain

Elk Tips for Beginners with Fred Eichler

Fred Eichler provides tips on elk hunting to help beginners increase their chances of being in the 15% of hunters coming back from a successful elk hunt. Video Transcription Hi, I'm Fred…
turkey hunter getting ready to call

Fall Turkey Hunting: A Comprehensive Guide to Bag Turkeys

While many hunters are familiar with the thrill of calling in a big tom during spring, fall turkey hunting offers its own unique and challenging experience. Unlike the spring season, where mating is…
Introducing the BlackOut NV-3

Introducing the BlackOut NV-3: Our Most Exciting Bow Yet

The NV-3 is here, and we are excited! The NV-3 is Blackout’s latest flagship bow and our most technologically advanced offering yet. The excitement we feel for the NV-3 resonates not simply from the…
Wild Turkey

Bass Pro Shops Invests $500,000 in Critical Wild Turkey Research

Major Bass Pro Shops investment creates groundswell of support for critical wild turkey research and conservation. In June Bass Pro Shops and Big Cedar Lodge hosted the National Wild Turkey…
Father and Son with fish

Take A Kid Fishing, You’ll Be Glad That You Did

“Take a kid fishing, you’ll be glad that you did.” This Johnny Morris quote appears in a variety of places. You’ll find it in Bass Pro Shops catalogs, on our website and in a number of other…
The Essential Early Season Whitetail Pack with Chuck Belmore

The Essential Early Season Whitetail Pack with Chuck Belmore

Chuck Belmore, Bass Pro Shops hunting and bowfishing pro team member and host of the Habit TV, provides his take on the essential early season white tail pack. An experienced hunter who knows his way…
Bass Pro Shops: A Force for Fishing and Conservation

Bass Pro Shops: A Force for Fishing and Conservation

For more than 50 years, Bass Pro Shops has been committed to making the great outdoors accessible to families across North America. While this commitment takes many forms—combining value and service…
grilling ribs on the pro series grill

Why You Need A New Cabela’s Pellet Grill

Cabela’s new and improved line up of pellet grills combine ease of use, performance and versatility with an unmatched ratio of features to value. Available in three configurations, these grills make…
kayaker in ascend kayak on river

The Essential Kayak Gear List

Kayaks open an incredible range of opportunities to those who use them. When paired with the right equipment, kayaks can be many things: highly capable fishing platforms, remote camping expedition…