Habitat & Wildlife Conservation

How We Changed An Old Rocky Farm Into a Deer Hunting Dream (video)

Deer hunting and habitat changes on our hunting grounds: For 500 episodes we've shared what we do at The Proving Grounds in the rough, steep, rocky Ozark Mountains to produce bigger antlers and better deer hunting.

Spring Food Plots: Get Crop Benefits With the Buffalo Food Plot System (video)

We are always working to improve the food plots on The Proving Grounds. When we find what works, we pass it along to our viewers. Check out this video to see a test that shows how your soil performs in absorbing rain water. Plus: an update on our turkey season and food plot planting.

How Prescribed Fire Improves Whitetail Habitat (video)

We use prescribed fire to improve native vegetation at The Proving Grounds. The reclamation process began for this 50 acre unit over 10 years ago to convert it from low quality cedars to better bedding, cover and food for wildlife. Watch to see our safe prescribed fire techniques and how we use them to improve habitat and hunting opportunities!

Why Using Prescribed Fire Improves the Forest, Deer & Wildlife Habitat (video)

The GrowingDeer.tv team debunks the myths and negative associations of using prescribed fire as a tool to improve wildlife habitat and timber. Plus, how to improve hunting in your local county by forming a deer hunting co-op.

Tips for Finding Next Season’s Hunting Hotspot

Having a hard time finding a place to hunt?  You’re not alone. Urban expansion, habitat destruction and restricted access are major problems facing hunters today. A growing number of outdoor enthusiasts report a lack of land access. I’ve even heard it suggested that it is time for conservation agencies to stop encouraging new hunters because we are running out of space. I submit that is not the case.