How We Changed An Old Rocky Farm Into a Deer Hunting Dream (video)

Graphic with one deer in field of soybeans for Episode #500

Deer hunting and habitat changes on our hunting grounds: For 500 episodes we've shared what we do at The Proving Grounds in the rough, steep, rocky Ozark Mountains to produce bigger antlers and better deer hunting.

Here's a summary of the techniques we've shared and the people of GrowingDeer. See how our food plot techniques and hunting strategies have changed. It's a look down memory lane and a look ahead to what's coming for deer season this fall! #teamoutdoors #foodplots #deerhunting

To skip intro go to 01:22 Habitat and Food Plot work: 04:42.

See the first hunt here 12:57 and how the deer hunting has changed as the property improved with bucks expressing more of their antler potential and more fawns born.

See how an outbreak of EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease) impacted the deer 14:43.

Learn how to know how many deer are on a property? How many deer should be on a property? Should you harvest does? Answers begin at 15:52

Changing deer hunting strategies for pressured deer: 17:04 Wind direction and thermals impact hunting 17:44 Retrospective of big events on GrowingDeer shows: 18:40

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Grant Woods