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Backcountry Camping Guide

Taking your camping excursion off the beaten path is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of nature and find peace and solitude in the remote outdoors. If you are ready to bypass the crowds and connect with Mother Nature in all her primitive glory, consider a backcountry camping adventure. This type of camping is not something you do on a whim, however, and if you want to give it a shot, it is vital you are properly prepared.

Camping: 12 Great Ways to Fight Mosquitos and Ticks From the Skin Out

Biting insects – especially mosquitos and ticks – come with the camping experience … actually, with any outdoor experience. When we step outside the climate controlled confines of our homes, we enter the bugs’ environment. Thankfully, there have been major advances in preventing the unpleasant, and increasingly unhealthy, biting of mosquitos and ticks.

Halloween Costumes From Outdoors Gear (costumes ideas already in your closet!)

Looking for Halloween costume ideas to trick-or-treat outdoor style? We’ve got some great outdoor themed costumes for you!

Stranded Hiker – The stranded or lost hiker can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Start with soiled (and if possible, ripped) hiking clothes. Use makeup or real dirt to get your face good and grubby and carry a small backpack. Clutch a dead iPhone in your right hand, its batteries drained where you lost the trail.

How to Tie Four Easy Camping Knots (video)

How to tie camping knots. The subject sounds kind of nerdy … until you’re camping and you need to know how to tie a particular knot … like right now. Sure, the family car camper is not usually staking his or her life on knowing the right knot like a rock climber or a cave explorer does.

10 Tips for Camping With Your Dog In Hot Weather (infographic)

Dogs love camping, too! But only if you take the right steps to make it a good experience for you and for them. Camping with dogs in summer weather can be uncomfortable, even dangerous for your canine companion. You must think ahead about how you’ll take care of your dog away from home.