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Buying a Tent? Here's a Guide to Make the Perfect Choice (infographic)

Considering a new tent? It’s a big decision, and the selection and price range can be confusing. However, just asking yourself a few simple questions can put you on track to make the perfect choice. Our camping experts draw on decades of experience to offer the right questions … and answers … to make sure you find exactly the tent you need for years of fun with your family and friends.

Campfire Tips for First Time Campers (video)

Camping season is upon us and many people are thinking about finally going on that overnight adventure. First time campers often make a few mistakes that can turn a potentially great trip into a failed outing. Campfires are probably the area where most people make their biggest mistakes. These campfire tips will help avoid those pitfalls and make sure you spend your time soaking in the great outdoors rather than fighting it.

Plan for Your Best Campout of the Year

With hot weather, troublesome insects, and crowded campgrounds gone until next summer, many find autumn is the best time of the year to enjoy a camping trip.

Make a checklist to ensure an enjoyable trip. Take note of the items you used up on summer outings and include new supplies that are needed as the temperature drops.

How to Select a Wilderness Campsite That’s Safe and Comfy

In an instant the blue-sky, 70-degree, high-country afternoon morphed into a mother of a storm. My husband and I jumped off our horses and secured them, threw our saddles adorned with all our gear into a pile, ripped the tent fly from its pouch, jumped atop the saddles and covered the human-plus-gear mound with the waterproof cover.

Tips to Prevent Autumn Campfires From Turning into Wildfires

Tough to find a more pleasing experience than sitting around a cozy campfire during autumn. However, campfires can also escape the fire pit and become a roaring, damaging wildfire in only a few minutes if not watched.