How to Plan a Group Camping Trip (infographic)

Group camping area with many tents

Planning a camping trip for a family of 3-4 is one thing. Planning a group trip for a family reunion, a club gathering, or a church retreat is another thing entirely. Doing it right takes focus, checklists, organization, and TIME!

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Camp Privacy Shelter
Eclipse Camp Privacy Shelter

Oh, and if your camping trip is for Labor Day, get started now! Good luck … it’s going to be great!

If you have an idea for a group outing, or have taken on the responsibility for such a gathering you need to get started about three months before the group comes together. To help you out, we’re offering this planning guide with the basic mileposts in the planning process and how may days ahead of the “big event” you should be hitting each of them. We've targeted our planing guide for Labor Day but, you can change the month planning steps for any group camping trip anytime of the year.

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Eclipse Voyager 6-Person Tent
Eclipse Voyager 6-Person Tent with
Screen Porch

Tip: The Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Voyager 6-person tent is a comfortable family tent with roomy screened porch sporting a roomy and easy-to-setup design. The vestibule front porch can be used for bug-free relaxing or sleeping and protected gear storage.

5-in-1 Sleeping Bag System
5-in-1 Sleeping Bag

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Campers, Get Active in the Outdoors

We get it, you want to enjoy some fresh air and relaxation at the campsite, but you don't want that space and comradery go to waste.

Get active in the outdoors with outdoor games like KanJam's Outdoor Game Set makes any gathering more fun. 2 teams of 2 players take turns throwing and deflecting the KanJam disc to score points. Ages 11 and up

Poleish Sports Bottle Bash Outdoor Game
Poleish Sports Bottle Bash
Outdoor Game

Check out the Poleish Sports Bottle Bash Outdoor Game that requires throwing, catching, strategy, teamwork, offense, and defense. The object of the game is to toss the flying disc at your opponent's pole, which has a bottle on top. Great for parties, backyard fun, camping. Ages 8 and up

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Tip: Start scoping out what camping gear you already have vs. what you still need and shop the camping area of for what you need.

Tip: Print out a helpful camping checklist here, then check it off the checklist while you load up.

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Tips and calendar planning a group camping trip. Begin brainstorming, book campsite, buy missing camp gear to food shopping.