ATV/UTV Food Plot Accessories Buyer's Guide

ATV plowing field

Are you a landowner, longing to attract healthy wildlife to your property? Improving your property for wildlife can be a daunting task, but with the right equipment attached to your ATV or UTV it’s easy to create a lush, nutritional food plot. Look no further than our selection of attachments and implements for your ATV or UTV to achieve your land-management goals.

Many acreage owners don’t realize that developing an attractive, nutritional food plot doesn’t have to be a big-money expense. If you have access to an ATV or UTV, smaller food plots can be grown using the proper equipment. Cabela’s Wildlife & Land Management has the tools necessary to develop a food plot that can attract wildlife and deliver essential nutrients to wild game – all with your ATV or UTV. Shop all our ATV and UTV food plot attachments at

Pull-Behind ATV Brush Hog Mower
Swisher Finish Cut Trail Mower

Equip Your ATV With Implements That Allow You to Create Food Plots

Trail Mowers

If the area you wish to use for your food plot is overgrown with tall grass and weeds, a pull-behind mower is a great place to start. Our selection of pull-behind mowers will knock vegetation down low enough to prepare the area for your food plot. The mowers we carry are independently powered by a gasoline engine and are capable of cutting stems up to 3" in dia.

Spraying Around Your Property

UTV Boomless Sprayer
Fimco UTV Boomless Sprayer

ATV/UTV-mounted sprayers like the Fimco 15-Gallon ATV Spot Sprayer not only simplify food-plot development, they are essential tools for maintaining healthy vegetation throughout your property. Plus, they save you from straining your back carrying around handheld sprayers. Boom sprayers are available for large-area coverage of liquid fertilizer or herbicide. Spot sprayers include a handheld wand, allowing you to drive to the spot needing sprayed and spray the recommended amount in a smaller, more specific area.

Many sprayers Cabela’s carries include both spot-spray and boom-spray options. 12-volt sprayers use an independent pump that conveniently connects to your vehicle’s battery.

Cut and Break Soil With a Disc Harrow

Tarter ATV Disc
Tarter ATV/UTV 8-Blade Disc Harrow

After clearing an area of existing vegetation, working the ground into usable, easily plantable soil requires tilling with a disc. More than one pass might be necessary to work your dirt into a soft, fluffy seedbed. Some discs come set at a fixed angle or can be adjusted to optimize cutting in dry, hard soil. A variety of configurations are available, ranging from standard pull-behind models to discs that mount directly to your receiver hitch and use the operator’s weight and the weight of the ATV to apply down pressure. If soil remains clumpy and held together, a few passes with a drag harrow should help break up the dirt into a suitable seedbed.

Food Plot Seeders & Spreaders

Spreader and Feeder
Cabela's ATV Spreader and
Feeder 2.0

Quickly broadcast seed, fertilizer or bait with a spreader. Our selection of spreaders run off your vehicle’s battery and can be operated from the driver’s seat. Adjustments allow you to determine how wide to spread material and the amount of coverage.

Get Your Food Plots Ready to Plant

After your seed is broadcast, a culti-packer like the Tarter Terrain Tough Disc / Culti-Packer finishes the seedbed for optimal seed-to-soil contact. They simply pull behind your vehicle. A sprocket roller firms the soil around seed and forms pockets to hold soil in place.

By Mat Brost