Hunting Information

It’s Time to Hang Those Hunting Tree Stands: Best Tools to Keep Safe (video)

The back half of summer is here! It won’t be long and there will be a night when the temperature and humidity both drop, and in the morning that faint, distant whiff of fall will be in the air. It’s the first clue that hunting season isn’t too far away.

Hunting Challenges: Bucks, Coyotes, and Trespassers (video)

Late season hunting tactics: see the strategies we're using for this stage of the season (0:01- 11:04), then it’s to the trap line where we’ve caught our first coyote of the season (11:05 - 13:07). Plus, Grant shares a tip that may help landowners reduce trespassing (13:08- 16:07).

Bow Hunting Frogs and Food Plot Update and What it Means for Deer (video)

It's one of Grant's favorite things to do In July: bow hunting frogs! Plus, a look at our food plots and what it means for deer hunting this fall.

Impact of Ticks on White-Tailed Deer and New Food Plot Tips (video)

How bad are the ticks on white-tailed deer?  We've conducted three field tests to find out. Watch to see the tests and the results! Plus, sharing the steps to creating a new wildlife food plot along with new ideas for better summer food plots.

Tips for Deer Management, Shooting Accurately & Food Plots (video)

Deer management means balancing the population with the food resources. Bow hunting is the method we use to help that balance.  Grant shares how he practices now for the best form/release for bow hunting. Stay tuned for an update on planting our warm season food plots: tips and strategies for the best food plots possible.

Turkey Hunting Strategies for Strutting Toms (video)

Turkey hunting and bow hunting Kansas toms with Watch as Daniel kicks off his turkey season with lots of action and feathers flying!  Then see how Heath Martin strategically calls in and tags a mature mountain tom in Arkansas.

Firing up for Turkey Season and Prescribed Fire Tips (video)

Turkey hunting tips See the why and how of using prescribed fire to improve wildlife habitat. Then Grant and world champion friction caller, Steve Morgenstern share turkey hunting and calling strategies and tips.(begins 12:49) But first, a short Easter greeting!

Hunting South Florida Turkey in the Morning, Hog in the Afternoon (video)

This turkey hunt took strategizing and patience for it all to come together on opening day in South Florida! Watch these Osceola toms give Grant the run around then it's a spot and stalk hog hunt that same afternoon!

Stay Safe in Treestands with These Simple Steps (video)

Treestands provide excellent opportunities for hunters, but they come with extra risks. An average of 20 hunters die every year from treestand falls—and many more are permanently impaired.