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Hunting South Florida Turkey in the Morning, Hog in the Afternoon (video)

This turkey hunt took strategizing and patience for it all to come together on opening day in South Florida! Watch these Osceola toms give Grant the run around then it's a spot and stalk hog hunt that same afternoon!

Stay Safe in Treestands with These Simple Steps (video)

Treestands provide excellent opportunities for hunters, but they come with extra risks. An average of 20 hunters die every year from treestand falls—and many more are permanently impaired.

Shining the Light on Frog Gigging Plus Recipes (video)

Hunting and catching frogs during the summer months of the year is a great way to introduce newcomers to the outdoors and to a unique reptile. You might be asking "Why do people hunt frogs?" Well, people fish mostly to eat fish and its the same for frogs. They hunt frogs for their legs. If you've never tried fried frog legs, you're in for a treat. They are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and potassium with a mild flavor and texture a lot like chicken wings.

How to Make the Best Deer Hunting Spots: Small Food Plots (video)

Deer hunting tactics using food plots with the team: Watch and learn our techniques for planting small, hidey-hole food plots and improving the soil at the same time.  Small food plots make great stand locations and better soil will produce more forage to attract and feed deer.  Stay tuned to see more on mineral stations and "how to" on necessary maintenance for your shotgun post turkey season.

Products shown in this video:

Want to Shoot Like a Pro Bowhunter? Get Outfitted by One

Bowhunters should take a lesson from other athletes who count on an expert to help fit their gear to them.

I see a lot of people at the archery range and their bow just doesn’t fit them. They’re over-reaching or under-stretching, which hinders their shooting ability and success in the field.

7 Ways to Keep a Landowner Happy When Hunting on Private Land

Hunting on someone else’s land is a privilege and should be regarded as such. It only takes a minute to ask permission and even less to close gates behind you.

Here are seven ways to ensure you gain permission every hunting season:

4 Ways Your ATV Can Make You a Better Hunter

If you’re at all like me, you’re interested in anything that can make you a better hunter. One key piece of equipment is an ATV.

If you have one parked in your garage, there’s a good chance you already put it to use each season, but you may not be maximizing its potential.