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Bourbon Glazed Salmon on tin foil

Bourbon Glazed Salmon Recipe

Sweet with a bourbon kick, this simple, four-ingredient glaze is perfect for our grilled salmon. Prep Time: 15 minutes + 1 hour,  Cook Time: 15 minutes,  Servings: 4 Bourbon Glazed Salmon Recipe…
Campfire fish in foil

Delicious Campfire Fish Recipe

Don't let the name fool you, this quick and easy way to make delicious, citrus-flavored fish works as well on the grill as it does over a campfire. Recipe Ingredients for Campfire Fish 1 lb fillets…
Elk slider sandwich

Ground Elk & Cheese Slider Recipe

Our outdoor chefs David Draper and Ben Fleischacker give us some ideas for how to incorporate wild game into your party celebrations. The mild flavor of ground elk and the tanginess of French onion…
Venison, potatoes & egg dish

A Hearty Venision Breakfast Dish Recipe

A sportsman's breakfast. Wake up to this lean, mean, hearty venison breakfast dish at camp or at home. Great for deer, elk, or moose meat marinaded for taste and tenderness. Prep Time: 20 minutes (8…
Stuffed Venison Backstrap

Stuffed Pesto & Cheese Venison Backstrap Recipe

Here is a tasty meat for any occasion, a stuffed venison backstrap. Use deer or elk meat and marinade for a delicious flavor and tenderness. Use what Cabela's uses to spice up all of your favorite…
Pork Steak on a plate

Cast Iron Cooking Pork Steak Recipe

You'll love serving family and friends this cast-iron pan-seared pork steak with creamy, garlicky herb sauce for dinner anytime. Try this quick and easy pork steak recipe using your favorite cast…
Camp Breakfast Egg Casserole

Camp Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Quick and easy campfire egg breakfast casserole using a vacuum sealer. Most of this dish’s work is done at home a day or two ahead which will make for easy packing in the cooler and an awesome quick…
Venison roast

Venison Roast Recipe

Try This Unique Cooking Style on Your Next Venison Roast Recipe Ingredients for Venison Roast Your choice of venison, 2-5 lbs Olive oil Cabela's Open Season All Purpose Seasoning Preparation…
Boar sausage, biscuits & gravy

Wild Boar Sausage, Biscuits & Gravy Camp Breakfast Recipe

For fans of warm buttery biscuits and gravy, this well known southern favorite with a "crazy spicy" boar sausage gravy is camp favorite and a must-try. And hey, if spicy gravy isn't your thing, you…
Queso Con Carne cheese dip

Easy Queso con Carne Cheese Dip Recipe

This spicy cheese meat dip is simple to make, and a great appetizer to serve any crowd on a camp trip or anytime and anywhere. Prep Time: 10 minutes,    Cook Time: 10 minutes,    Servings: 10 Queso…
Best way to cook venison heart

How To Cook Venison Heart

Do not let this tasty cut of meat go to waste in the gut pile Many hunters brag about the heart shot, but hitting a deer behind the shoulder and puncturing the lungs kills just as quickly, and saves…
Venison backstrap

3 Ways to Butcher a Deer, Elk Backstrap

The Choicest Cut of Deer, Elk, Moose The backstrap, or loin, of a deer, elk, moose or other big-game animal is considered the choicest cut. Because the long, lean muscle does not do a lot of work…