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North Country Crappies: Spring Spawning Transition

May 18, 2020
By Pros4- 1Source As the Spring progresses through unseasonably cold weather this year the crappie in the North have begun the transition to spawn and reversed back out to deeper water a couple…
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How to Tie Killer Streamers for Fall Brown Trout Fishing

October 19, 2014
With fall underway, the cold weather and high water means brown trout are in full swing with their migration back into the rivers. If you love fly fishing for big browns then fall is the time to do…
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Read the Weeds for Unbelievable Fall Pike Fishing

October 8, 2014
In some respects the fall fishing season can be difficult for anglers because of cold weather, rough water and the weed beds dying off. However, for the dedicated pike fisherman, these conditions can…
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Wisconsin Early Teal Season Tests Duck Identification Skills

September 10, 2014
For the first time in the northern hunting region history, Wisconsin decided to hold an experimental early teal season. This early season was slated for seven days and hunters were only able to shoot…
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Dealing With Snow, Cold on Opening Day for Trout

April 2, 2014
Although to some it may be hard to comprehend how anyone could want to fish with 2-plus feet of snow in the woods, anglers boldly found their way to the rivers this past weekend. In most years the…
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The New Elk Herds of the American East

August 19, 2013
by John Paul Morris A gunshot on September 1st, 1877 silenced the bugling of the last Eastern elk in the world, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service declared the sub-species extinct in…
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Summer Tricos

July 31, 2013
To beat the heat of the dog days of summer, nothing compares to wet wading in your favorite bodies of water. Rivers and streams this time of year are normally running low and clear, making catching…
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Private Land Conservation Programs

May 24, 2013
Steven discusses the importance of private lands conservation programs in the Farm Bill and their role in ensuring hunting and fishing opportunities in the Driftless Area of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois…
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Angler Hooks 8.45 lb Smallmouth at Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament

May 21, 2013
Silver Lake, Wisc. angler Tim Schneider didn't come close to winning the annual Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament  this past weekend, but he did take home bragging rights. Fishing 'tubes' on a…
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Korey Sprengel Pockets $300(K)

May 7, 2013
Let's examine the phenomenal rise of a young professional walleye angler with multiple victories and more than $300,000 in winnings over the past few seasons; introducing young gun 25-year old Korey…
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Suckers on Opening Weekend

May 5, 2013
Being an avid fisherman in Wisconsin for the last 18-plus years I have heard many people gripe about the chaos of opening day. As sportsman and conservationists we are all a little inherently…
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Harvesting Your Own Maple Syrup

April 7, 2013
Early April is maple syrup season in Wisconsin. There is not much that can compare to the delicious flavor of natural maple syrup. If you have access to a few maple trees, whether growing in your…