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Fly Fishing Reel Buyer's Guide

Fly reels are an integral part of every fly-fishing outfit. Much like a lead singer won’t perform well without a good guitarist, a fly rod’s potential can’t be realized without a fly reel that works in harmony with it. There are several things to consider when deciding which fly reel is right for you:

Saltwater Fly Fishing Buyer's Guide

Saltwater covers two-thirds of the Earth and contains the most powerful fish on the planet. Catching one of these incredible specimens is an exhilarating experience that should not be passed up. However, fishing this unique environment wrecks gear, so anglers need equipment that can withstand saltwater.

Fly Rod Buyer's Guide

Perhaps the most common question asked between fly anglers is, “What rod are you fishing?” Fly rods are the focal point of a fly angler’s arsenal – the rock stars of your fishing gear. Successful fly fishers won’t simply know the brand and name of the rod they are fishing; they will know why their rod makes them more likely to catch fish.

Fly Fishing Vest and Pack Buyer's Guide

Fly boxes, tippets, fly floatant, split shots, strike indicators, knot-tying tools, clippers, forceps – the list of fly-fishing accessories is extensive, and carrying those accessories on the water is exhausting and nearly impossible without a good pack or vest. The key to finding one you’re comfortable with is knowing how much equipment you need to carry.  The smaller the pack or vest, the easier it is to fish with it on.

Fly Line Buyer's Guide

If your fly rod is the lead singer and your reel is the guitarist, then your fly line is the drummer. Just like a band with a drummer who can’t keep a beat, a fly-fishing outfit – even one with the highest quality rod and reel on the market – won’t perform well without the appropriate fly line. Not only does your fly line provide the weight necessary to cast a weightless fly, it helps with the technical aspects of fly fishing that extend far beyond casting.

A Simple Guide to Choosing Your First Fly Fishing Outfit

Whether you're new to fly fishing or just want to know more about fly fishing this guide will help you get started in selecting the basic collection of fishing accessories including the right fly fishing gear, selecting flies, leaders, fly line, fly rod and reel. So before you buy, check out these tips.

Have Some Fun & Fly Fish for Bluegills, The Seasons, The Patterns, The Presentation

While many fly anglers start their fly-fishing endeavors by honing their skills and practicing their technique targeting panfish such as bluegills, they quickly move on in search of bigger prey. Just because fly-fishing for bluegills can be done easily, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or adventurous. Not only are bluegills a blast on a light fly rod, but catching them can be done all summer long in almost any weather and water conditions you might encounter.

Bluegill Seasons for the Fly Rod