Do You Speak Duck? Take This Duck Calling Quiz to Find Out

Some days, ducks are suckers for a call … almost any call. On other days, even world champion duck callers can’t get them to even turn their heads. Yet calling is an important and intriguing part of waterfowl hunting. It’s a skill that takes a hunting lifetime to master. And if you ask the best, they’ll all say, “I could always be better.”

Ponds & Potholes: Taking Advantage of Late Season Duck Magnets

After enduring months of hunting pressure on sprawling lakes, bays and sounds, there’s nothing a late-season duck wants more than a quiet, secluded spot to hide out. Small, neglected potholes and ponds are magnets for January ducks and hotspots for the hunter who takes the time to locate these gems.

4 Common Duck Hunting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

With duck populations at the peak of long-term averages, expectations for every hunt are always high. The reality is, even when ducks are plentiful, hunts can fall short of expectations. And it may be due to the fact that hunters are making one of the four mistakes outlined below. However, the good news is, these blunders can be easily fixed.