Triggering Hardwater Crappie to Bite

Crappie are a great species to fish through the ice. At times they can be challenging to find, but once you locate a school of slabs, it's worth the effort. Often eager to investigate lures, crappie can be wary to hit baits, and even when they do hit, takes can be extremely subtle. Here are some suggestions to help you trigger crappie bites this ice season. 

Try These Few Tips for Targeting Crappie in the Reeds

by Pros4- 1Source's Keith Worrall


Every Spring in the upper Midwest a crappie migration begins from deep water to shallow reeds that draws in thousands of crappie anglers eager to fish and try their hand at catching a few during the spawn and for a couple weeks after.


Ice Fishing: Tips for Winter Crappie

Most ice anglers have a bittersweet relationship with crappie. When you find an active school the fishing's outstanding. Yet on other days locating them can seem impossible. Try these suggestions the next time you feel you're being tested by these temperamental panfish.

Crappie Fishing After Dark

For many anglers, summer crappie fishing conjures up memories of the whip-poor-will's call and starlit nights. You can catch hot-weather crappie during daylight hours, especially during cloudy periods or when water is muddy. But the odds for success improve if you fish the hours between dusk and dawn. During summer, many crappie work the late shift, and crappie anglers should, too. 

Crappie Fishing Tips: How to Catch Crappie

Its strike is often so delicate, it may be hooked before you know it. Seldom will one weighing much over a pound be caught. It puts up an admirable tussle on light fishing tackle, but it's not really a hard fighter. So why is the crappie such a popular gamefish? 

Crappie Facts: The Highs and Lows of Crappie Fishing (infographic)

Do you want to catch more crappie? Good anglers know the real secret to catching more fish is knowledge. Knowing the best fishing tackle as well as when and where to search for crappie will improve your success rate dramatically.

Strategies You Can Use to Contact Crappie Through The Ice

So many first ice fishing crappie locations can be somewhat predictable. Troughs, dips, channels and holes seem to concentrate crappie in the fall and these general locations seem to hold into the winter.