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Side-Drifting for Winter Steelhead

By Scott Haugen, Cabela’s Ambassador

Side-drifting is arguably the most effective technique when it comes to fishing for winter steelhead in rivers and it is one of the best ways to cover large amounts of water from a boat.

The natural rate of presentation entices fish to bite a high percentage of the time when compared to other techniques.

Catching Speckled Trout the Gators of the Gulf

Folks throughout the Gulf states are well familiar with gators of the reptilian kind, but mentioning “gators” to coastal anglers fosters pleasant thoughts of hefty speckled trout also called sea trout. The basic design and paint job remains consistent with the smaller, barely legal trout, but big gator trout take on a cunning and ferocious nature meriting the allusion.

A Place to Enjoy Trout Fishing is Montauk State Park

Like clockwork on the 1st of March each year, hundreds of anglers gather along banks overlooking streams, ready to kick off the start of Missouri’s trout season. One of the most popular destinations in Missouri, the show me state is Montauk State Park.  Montauk State Park is 15 miles southwest of Salem, Missouri.

Use 3-Way Rigs on One of the Strangest Fighting Freshwater Fish, Lake Trout (video)

Lake trout are considered by many anglers to be one of the strangest fighting freshwater fish species throughout North America. If you’ve had the good fortune of setting your hook into a large lake trout than you have a good understanding of what avid lake trout anglers are talking about. Lake trout will test an angler’s patience, stamina, gear, and fishing ability, during any given hookup.

Fish the Finest Brook Trout Streams at Shenandoah Park

Since it was created in 1936, Shenandoah National Park has been a prime destination for sportsmen seeking to backpack, camp, photograph, and explore a piece of unblemished mountain wilderness. But the 102-mile long park also offers something special for fishermen: some of the finest wild brook trout streams in the East.

Trout Fishing: When Bug Eaters Turn Bad on the River Systems (video)

Rainbow trout are one of the most sought-after trout species throughout North America by avid fly fisherman. There is nothing like the anticipation of a rainbow trout taking your well-placed imitation fly on the surface of the water. Especially, if you’ve hand tied that well-placed fly yourself.

Fishing Cold Weather Trout—Best Flies, Waters & Times to Go

Few of us would choose winter as a favorite season for trout fishing with its bleak gray landscape and raw air that penetrates cold-weary bones like a knife. But if the alternative is no fishing at all, never mind the weather. We’ll make the plunge, waddling out into the currents bundled up in thick layers of clothes and waders to ward off the chill.

Go Hunting for Spring Trout

Springtime brings more light and warmer temperatures changing the creeks, rivers and streams into outstanding trout havens bursting with insect hatchess and hungry fish. A key to getting great trout fishing action in the early spring season is to slow down, explore and get to know the spring creeks and tailwater, ponds, lakes or rivers before you approach those likely trout hideouts.

Where Trout Like to Hide