A Guide to Finding Public Land for Outdoor Activities

August 7, 2014
It is no secret that access is one of the major deterrents to participation in hunting and fishing. If you fall into that category, or know someone who does, public lands may be the answer to your…

Bowhunting: Practice on These 9 Real World Hunting Situations

August 3, 2014
Practice bowhunting in real life hunting situations to help you be more successful when something goes wrong. It’s happened to us all.  Countless hours of planning, scouting, and bow practice boil…

Easy Steps and Tips for Fishing From Woo Daves

June 27, 2014
Fish as a back boater and learn a ton about bass fishing Steps to fishing vary for different people, but if you have a desire to be a tournament guy or girl, join Bass and fish a year or two on the…

9 Family Summer Vacation Ideas for the Outdoors

June 16, 2014
Last week I threw out some options for what kids could do this summer in the outdoors. Now let's take it a step further and takl about what a family can do together this summer. What mom or dad doesn…

5 Tips to Avoid Bear Encounters (and Attacks)

June 14, 2014
You're hiking toward a distant fishing hole when the trail makes a sharp turn and you come face to face with a bear hunkered over a freshly killed deer. It raises up on hind legs, mouth covered in…

5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Biting Bugs

June 13, 2014
There's nothing that makes the blood boil more than the relentless annoyance of biting bugs. Whether it is mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, horse flies or the dangerous deer tick, adequately…

The Best Knife Sharpener You Didn't Know You Had

June 13, 2014
What's worse than a dull knife blade? Well, perhaps a lot of things, but the frustration of hacking away at game meat makes an otherwise happy day feel like a defeat. If your blade isn't cutting it,…

Hiking the Blue Spring Trail in the Missouri Ozarks

June 12, 2014
Missouri isn't called the "Trail State" for nothing. Trails abound all across the Show Me State, but especially in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. Trails may be found in the region's state parks,…

7 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

June 9, 2014
Now that school is out, don't let your kids sit around and become couch potatoes. Encourage your kids to get out and explore the great outdoors. There are countless options to choose from that can…

Use the Rule of Thirds for Great Story-Telling Photos in the Outdoors

June 6, 2014
Sitting around the fireplace this past winter, the family and I were reviewing photos taken during the previous camping season. Shots of campfires and camp setups, wildlife exploring the campground,…

4 Steps to Help You Consistantly Hit Your Target

November 22, 2013
Regardless of your abilities, there are always some basic things that will help you hit your mark whether it’s busting clays, upland game hunting or waterfowl hunting. First of all, practice mounting…

Preparing for a Camping Dinner Date

November 20, 2013
With the perks of a front-row stargazing seat and distance from the hustle and bustle of life, there’s nothing quite as romantic as an evening spent in the great outdoors with your sweetheart. A…