Preparing for a Camping Dinner Date

News & Tips: Preparing for a Camping Dinner Date

RV Romantic DinnerWith the perks of a front-row stargazing seat and distance from the hustle and bustle of life, there’s nothing quite as romantic as an evening spent in the great outdoors with your sweetheart. A camping trip with a loved one gives you the opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature, engage without distractions and enjoy a beloved hobby together!

When the deep freeze of winter approaces, its time to enjoy the final camping trip of the season with a loved one. Conditions are still fair enough to enjoy the outdoors and a campfire, but you can retreat to the warm tent or camper when it’s time to bed down, rather than shivering through the night.

Thinking of venturing out on an camping dinner date? Follow these planning tips to keep your trip running smoothly:

  • Plan on a Nice yet Simple Dinner. In terms of fanciness and difficulty, a nice choice for your dinner date menu will probably fall somewhere in between hot dogs and souffles. Suggestions for a happy medium include grilled chicken, steak or fish, along with a pre-made salad, some grilled vegetables and maybe some wine. Need some easy recipes? Check out this selection from Pinterest.

  • Set the Scene. While you’re not aspiring to make your camping dinner date a facsimile of a date in a high-end restaurant, it doesn’t hurt to take a few pages from the books of fancy eateries. Pack a few candles, a bouquet of flowers and a little music to create a dinner-date atmosphere.

  • Follow Your Regular Car Camping Preparations. Don’t get so caught up in the “date” element of your trip that you skimp on RV camping basics. Make sure all the necessary items on your camping checklist – First Aid Kit, camping stove, bedding, etc. – are marked off before venturing into the woods.

  • Have Fun! This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and have a wonderful time. If the two of you have an old favorite RV camping activity, be sure to enjoy it! For those couples who are new to camping together, try some new things like stargazing, bird watching or making a campfire pizza – no matter what you do, you’ll have fun together!