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4 Recipes: Wild Game for the Big Game – Nothing Better (video)

Super Bowl Sunday somehow seems to coincide with the time of the year when you discover those packages of wild game meat in the freezer. Yes, the hunting gods are smiling on you when that happens. You can use that meat you stowed away last fall (or even the one before that) to make delicious appetizer and entrée recipes that will delight your game-day crew. Here are just a few examples:

Recipes: Fig Stuffed Specklebelly Goose Breast (video)

This Goose recipe stuffed with fig, cream cheese and pecans can be fancied up for the most elegant dinner party, or camped down to impress the toughest critics at the lodge. It should take one hour from start till time you serve this delicious meal. The crunchy ingredients along with the sweet figs complement the Goose without overpowering this delicate fowl. I baked this meal in the oven, but do not be afraid to wrap in aluminum foil and grill. Either method you chose, do not overcook!

Submitted Recipes: Goose

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Snow Goose Chili

Posted By: Mark Mazour    


  • snow goose breasts  
  • chili fixin's (beans, tomato sauce, tomatoes, spices, onion, peppers, etc.)  
  • salt  pepper