Scent Control Tips and Techniques

News & Tips: Scent Control Tips and Techniques

Whitetail Deer BuckOne of the hardest things to beat is a mature whitetail’s nose. The hardest would be the nose of a mature whitetail doe. I think the noses of some whitetails are better than others, and that’s what makes them mature. I have had hunting dogs in the past that just had better noses than the other dogs, and I think deer are the same.  

I have a few tips that I use that will help control your scent. Remember nothing is 100 percent, but these tips should increase your chances of success:

  • Always hunt with the wind in your face. (I always pack a Hunter’s Specialties wind indicator.)
  • Take a bath with Scent-A-Way soap before the hunt.
  • Wash your clothes with Scent-A-Way laundry detergent.
  • Dress in the field. (I pack my hunting clothes in a scent-safe bag and dress in the field.)
  • Always spray down with Scent-A-Way spray after you are dressed, and do not forget to spray your hat, your release, your safety harness and even your pack.
  • Dress light on the way to your stand. I carry extra clothes with me to the stand location and add layers while in the stand. One of the major problems for hunters is perspiration walking to your stand location.

Happy hunting!

by Steve Cobb