Beginner's Guide to Safe Hiking Tips & the Best Gear (video)

In this how-to program we will focus on hiking and all of the basic skills and hiking equipment, clothing and boots you will need to have for a great new outdoor experience with friends and family.

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Hiking Boots Buyer's Guide

Hiking boots have come a long way since the 1980s when athletic-shoe-style hiking boots were first introduced. We’re also now wearing them for a more versatile array of outdoor adventures from fastpacking and trail running, to extended backcountry hunting treks and serious mountain trailblazing.

Hiking With Children or Babies

Hiking as a family is a wonderful experience. You will bond on the trail and get to spend some time together enjoying the great outdoors. But if you are not prepared for the special circumstances of hiking with little ones, your adventure could become a nightmare.

These tips will make hiking with young kids a fun experience for the entire family.

16 Winter Hiking Boot Tips for the Beginner

Hikers love nature and getting outdoors away from the busy lives they lead. Communing with nature however does have its challenges, especially in winter for the beginning hiker. Learning how to keep your equipment in good shape can lessen the worry of being unprepared for winter weather hiking and the snow covered ground. Here's how to stay outside all winter long.

Demystify Map and Compass With Easy Orienteering Tips Anyone Can Use

Declination, triangulation, contour lines, scale … with lots of jargon and no “on/off” switch involved, navigation with a map and compass can be daunting for first-timers. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve distilled what can be a very complicated process down to the basics.

7 Safety Tips You Need to See Before Your Next Fall Hike

The rain ended an hour before daylight, but the ground and brightly-colored leaf litter covering the forest floor remained wet. Rain water dripping off of the tree limbs was beginning to slow its rhythm. A few vehicles already lined up in the trailhead parking lot, as others pulled in carrying autumn hikers. The family and I worked our way up the trail consisting of rock outcroppings; some of the trail was on exposed rock making for some slippery steps.