The Best Knife Sharpener You Didn't Know You Had

News & Tips: The Best Knife Sharpener You Didn't Know You Had...

What's worse than a dull knife blade? Well, perhaps a lot of things, but the frustration of hacking away at game meat makes an otherwise happy day feel like a defeat.

If your blade isn't cutting it, and you're without a knife sharpener, this YouTube video from Deer Meat for Dinner can help you out in a MacGyver kind of way.


According to the video, all you need is a vehicle window. The smooth edge of the top of the tempered glass can help polish the edge of your knife to make it razor sharp.

Of course you may not always have access to a vehicle if you're back at camp, so we suggest taking along the Bass Pro Shops Two-Stage Knife Sharpener or the RedHead 8" Oval Diamond Sharpening Rod.

For tips on how to sharpen a knife with an actual knife sharpener, check out Tom Claycomb's blog: Knife Sharpening Tips: It's All About the Angle.