Bowhunting: Practice on These 9 Real World Hunting Situations

News & Tips: Bowhunting: Practice on These 9 Real World Hunting Situations...
bowhuntng practice
Practice bowhunting in real life hunting situations to help you be more successful when something goes wrong.

It’s happened to us all.  Countless hours of planning, scouting, and bow practice boil down to this moment.  Here he comes, not just any deer, the buck that you have had trail camera photos of for two years.  That buck that keeps you up at night trying to second guess his every move, where does he bed, where does he feed, what is his travel corridor?  He is now walking right at you closing distance with every step.  The wind is perfect, hitting you right in the face, it’s still 20 minutes before dark, he has no idea you are there.  He walks past your 50 yard mark, still closing distance with every step, it’s only a matter of time until you release the arrow and he’s on your wall, nothing can go wrong…

Well guess what? More times than not something does go wrong like these six scenarios:

  1. You shift to get your final footing for the shot and the stand squeaks. 
  2. He doesn’t walk into your shooting lane and spins you around in an odd position and your safety harness strap impedes your draw. 
  3. He catches you drawing and now you’re in a stare down, who is going to move first. 
  4. Minutes feel like hours as your holding your bow at full draw, your muscles began to shake, you’re praying he will put his head down so you can let off. 
  5. Your legs start shaking and the cold only amplifies it, and all of a sudden it feels like your draw weight on your bow is 150 pounds and there is no way you are going to be able to draw your bow. 
  6. The weather is super cold and you are wearing your heavy coat and as you release the arrow the string slaps your string sending your arrow under his belly. 

    The list goes on forever on what can do wrong. 

What can you do to cut down on these things that happen to the most seasoned of hunters?  The answer is simple. Practice in real life hunting situations.


Below is just a sample list of nine things you can practice that can most definitely happen to you in the field.  Take my list, add to it, and add things that have happened to you or a buddy in the past.  The best things about missed opportunities and mistakes are the lessons that you can learn from them if you will allow yourself.

Think of real life situations and build your practice routine outside the box. For example:

  1. Hold your draw for a minute before you shoot. Once the minute is up try to make a quality shot.
  2. Wear your heavy hunting coat as you practice, not just a tee shirt.
  3. Hang a tree stand and shoot out of it.
  4. Wear your safety harness as you shoot
  5. Practice sitting down and shooting
  6. Practice loading your bow with hand shaking
  7. Run around the house a couple time, grab your bow and make an accurate shot
  8. Shoot wearing gloves or a face mask
  9. Set up your ground blind and shoot out of it, being aware of the window edges

My gear list for bow season.

-    Blackout Bow
-    100 grain Blackout fixed-blade Broadheads
-    Blackout X1 pro carbon arrows with 2 inch blazer vanes
-    Scott Archery little goose bow release
-    Blackout X72 ground blind
-    API Alumi-tech baby grand treestand
-    API Alumi-tech 20 foot quik stik
-    Redhead Fair Chase pack
-    RedHead Tec-lite camo shirt and pants
-    RedHead life time socks
-    Blackout swivel tripod chair

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