You've Got to Think Like a Duck to Hunt a Duck

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Duck's land for food, shelter or just to rest. Good hunters find out where they land and then go there to hunt.

Ducks have a good reason for landing where they do. It could be food, shelter from the wind, or just to rest. Whatever that reason, you are not likely to change their mind no matter how good of a decoy spread you put out or how great you think your calling is.

Duck hunters spend as much time watching and scouting ducks as they do hunting them. Once they know where they like to land, that's where they go to hunt. Seems simple, but a lot of hunters don't do it.

Learning to call sounds simple too but it isn't. If you've tried and tried and just can't do it, don't! Let the good callers do it. They'll be glad you decided not to call too. And you'll shoot more ducks.

Allen Treadwell is a member of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team.