Tarpon Fishing

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How to Catch a Tarpon on a Fly Rod

August 29, 2017
If you like relaxing, laid-back fishing, here’s a warning: don’t go after tarpon with a fly rod. But if you like your sport physical and demanding, this is it! With a determined attitude and…
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Cast an Artificial Crab for Saltwater Success

January 8, 2016
Redfish, tarpon, and pompano all have one thing in common—they can't turn down a crab snack. While live crabs are often the appetizer of choice, trapping or catching them can be a real challenge. The…
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Tips for Your First Florida Tarpon

January 20, 2015
Tarpon fishing is rarely easy, but persistence and the right gear can lead to a gill-rattling, 6-foot silver king busting through the surface on the end of your line.  Even the threat of that…
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Tarpon Tactics: Cut Bait for the Silver King

December 21, 2014
No doubt you’ve seen tarpon paired with fly fishing or bottom jigging efforts. There will certainly be times, however, based on the mood of the fish, the weather conditions, and the angler’s…
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Unlocking the Secrets to Amazing Fall Fishing in Miami Beach, Florida

November 3, 2014
Anglers who travel may think of Miami Beach as a sparkling fun destination. Indeed, the only time they might visit this hip city is for the annual Miami Boat Show. But the undisputed and overlooked…
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Travel Blog: 4 Factors You Must Know to Fish Florida Bay Bights the Right Way

October 19, 2014
A bight is defined as a contour or a bay “indenting into a shoreline.” And the northern reaches of Florida Bay that border the mainland of the Sunshine State are loaded with fish-filled bights. East…
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How to Make Saltwater Gamefish Go Wild for Bucktails

October 14, 2014
Fishing with the bucktail lure is basically some hairs tied to a jighead, which is the essence of simplicity itself.  When the bucktail is white, it matches or mimics that vast majority of scaled…
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Travel Blog: Flats Fishing for Trophies in Miami’s Backyard

October 5, 2014
There are many wonderful flats habitats where anglers can enjoy bonefish, tarpon, and permit fishing at the same time. Such places include the Bahamas, Yucatan’s Quintana Roo coast, Belize, Roatan,…
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3 Great Tarpon Lures and How to Fish Them

August 5, 2014
Any lure specialist who pursues the Silver King should remember these key facts. Have sharp, strong saltwater hooks. Tarpon have huge, hard, suction-creating mouths as their feeding tool. This means…
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Travel Blog: The Fantastic Fishing Possibilities of Key West

July 29, 2014
There are a small number of fabled destinations for fisherfolk who ply marine salt - waters: Key West exemplifies one of these special places that belong in the lifetime and memories of every angler…
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Travel Blog: Fishing Small Tarpon in Campeche, Mexico

July 15, 2014
Campeche, Mexico, has some great tarpon fishing. Here's what you need to know about traveling and fishing in this tourist destination. Firstly, all of the reputed bad press about cartels and criminal…
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Fly Fishing for Baby Tarpon

April 12, 2014
The faint smell of saltwater invaded my nostrils as my guide brought his MAKO flats boat up on to plane and sped across the mirror smooth waters of Campeche Bay, Mexico. "Welcome to the world of…