Saltwater Fishing: Catching the Sneaky Bonefish

It’s the quintessential case of now you see me, now you don’t; and that uncanny ability to seemingly vanish is what makes bonefish one of the most captivating of inshore sport fishing.The challenge is significant, but these glimmering silver missiles built for astounding speed will deliver an unforgettable engagement well worth the price of admission.

Sheepshead: How to Nab Those Notorious Nibblers

If we base sport-fish popularity on abundance, aesthetics, and tasty table fare, the sheepshead checks off all the boxes. No doubt, this coastal/inshore favorite deserves its desirable status, but bagging a limit takes focus and strategy.

Can You Tell a Tuna From a Bluefish? Test Your Fish Knowledge With This Quiz

Test Your Knowledge to Identify Saltwater Sportfish

Can you tell a tuna from a bluefish? What about a barracuda versus a wahoo? Take a minute, take this quiz and show us how well you know your saltwater fish species!

Catching the Amberjack Fishing Bonanza

If all you’ve ever fished is freshwater, you’ll have a quick reality adjustment once you hook into your first saltwater fish.

Paul Michele, National Sales Manager Americas, has been targeting saltwater fish since he was 4-years old when his grandfather got him hooked on it.

Best Places to Fish in Florida for These 5 Sought After Game Fish

Best Places to Fish in Florida: Fort Myers

The Lee County area of southwest Florida includes Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Pine Island and Sanibel Island. The region is as close as one can get to a tropical paradise without leaving the United States. You can walk along the soft white sands of the wonderful beaches or swim in the crystal-clear warmth of the Gulf of Mexico. You can take in a show at a theater or watch water birds like ibis, herons and pelicans on their

Jigging For Rockfish on the Pacific Ocean (video)

When you mention fishing the northwestern region of the Pacific Ocean you quickly think of Chinook salmon and monster halibut. When you book a trip of a lifetime with Serengeti Fishing Charters out of Port Hardy, British Columbia, there will be no doubt that you will leave the west coast with sore arms from doing battle with these two species.

Try Drift Fishing, It's the Only Way to Go on Saltwater.

Some days, drift fishing is the only way to go on saltwater. Especially when kite-fishing surface baits offshore, or deep-dropping baits as far as 900 feet, or back inshore, covering extensive shallow grass bottoms in Florida or South Texas. All three techniques critically depend on drifting in the boat. The wind is free and it’s nice to save on fuel during the day. And the technique is simple enough, with refinements.

The Best Barracuda Fishing Tackle & Tactics for a Winter Angling Getaway (video)

When snows fall deep and cold winds blow, it’s hard not to dream about fishing the flats in a sunny tropical setting. But if you book a trip and expect to catch thin-water “stars” of the angling world like permit, tarpon, and bonefish, your chances for disappointment run high.

Winter Salt Fishing Hot Spots in Tampa Bay

Winter is a great time to ditch the cold and visit a warm fishing destination. One of my favorite locations is Tampa Bay Florida. If you’re able to get away, here are a few quick tips to make the most of your stay.

Cast an Artificial Crab for Saltwater Success

Redfish, tarpon, and pompano all have one thing in common—they can't turn down a crab snack. While live crabs are often the appetizer of choice, trapping or catching them can be a real challenge. The good news is that there are some very good crab imitations that are a whole lot more durable and easier to handle. Here's a look at some good options.