Smallmouth Bass

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Dawn-to-Dusk Summer Smallmouth Bass Strategies

June 21, 2020
Start and Finish the Day Fishing Bold By Tony J. Peterson We’ve all seen an epic smallmouth bite at sunrise. A lot of times it involves topwater baits and schools of fish trying to outdo one…
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KVD’s Favorite Secret Spot for Fall Largemouth Plus a Buzzbait Trick

November 16, 2016
You ever hear that saying, “what do you get the person who has everything”? We’ll, when you’re KVD, you’ve fished just about everywhere, seen it all, and done most of it!  But, there’s no place he’d…
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Randy Howell's Pro Preferences

November 7, 2016
by Pros4- 1Source's   Dave Landahl Randy Howell is no stranger to glory and fame in pro bass fishing. He's won multiple tournaments including the coveted Bassmaster Classic. Howell has been on the…
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5 Swimbaiting Tips to Heat Up Coldwater Smallmouth

October 26, 2016
Canadian smallmouth ace, Simon Frost, calls the eastern basin of Lake Erie home and knows that smallmouth bass can be moody.  So what's Frost's solution when a tube jig and dropshot take a break from…
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Andy Montgomery’s When & Where Best Bass Buzzbait Tricks

September 27, 2016
Watching a largemouth bass explode on a buzzbait spitting along the surface is downright awesome.  Sometimes they’ll just slurp it down and other times all they’ll hit it with is reckless abandon.…
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It's All About That Bass!

September 13, 2016
Some people may think you have to be a fisherman to work at Bass Pro Shops, but this just isn't the case. I came to work here with a long family background in logging and living/camping in the woods…
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Try Soft-plastic Jerkbaits for Moody Fish That Don’t Want to Bite

July 26, 2016
Over the years, Canadian smallmouth ace Derek Strub has tricked a monster smallmouth or two into the boat under the toughest of conditions.  Enter the soft-plastic jerkbait.  “It’s a good bait for…
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The Best Baits for River Smallmouth

September 1, 2015
When the sun bears down relentlessly, few types of fishing offer more soothing relief than casting to river smallmouth. You can use a canoe or johnboat to get into fresh, untapped stretches, but plan…
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Pro Angler Dean Rojas Bassmaster Elite Series Success

March 25, 2015
Dean Rojas is as consistent as they come in the world of professional competitive bass fishing. Rojas is a frequent qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic and is often a serious contender for the…
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Bass Fishing Tips: How to Use Wobblers Style Lures

February 13, 2015
Largemouth and smallmouth bass love wobbler style lures and you should, too. The fishing lure’s wobbling action causes powerful surface strikes that will shake you to the bone. Fishing wobblers such…
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3 Ice Fishing Secrets for Lake Superior Smallmouth

February 12, 2015
Itching for summer smallmouth action? No need to wait until ice-out to battle trophy bronzebacks. With many fish over the 20-inch mark, Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay has some of the best smallmouth…
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Try Bright Baits When Sight-Fishing Bass

October 19, 2014
While pink isn’t a common underwater color, these fising lures and baits can trigger aggressive bites. From season opener to autumn, I sight fish for bass whenever conditions allow. Although many…