Pro Angler Dean Rojas Bassmaster Elite Series Success

Dean Rojas by Dean Rojas

Dean Rojas is as consistent as they come in the world of professional competitive bass fishing. Rojas is a frequent qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic and is often a serious contender for the Angler of the Year (AOY) title each season.

 Sure, Rojas is known as the "frog guy", but there is more to him than his amphibian fame. Understanding media relations, how to mentally prepare for an event and the capacity to stay motivated and focused on the water are his greatest assets. These are skills learned over the long haul of a professional fishing career.

 The right mindset is key for Rojas' tournament success.

 "Over the years I've really learned how to fish events," said Rojas. "I've won events throughout my career, but now I feel I'm always placing myself in the best possible position to win before the start of each event.

"I've really matured over the years. I've learned to let things happen and adjust. When I was young, all I wanted to do was create situations. Of course, I still want to create things, but now I've learned what I can and cannot create.

 "Instead of just practicing harder, I practice and fish smarter now. I really understand how to be efficient with my time and effort."

 Rojas prefers not to be a commercial when working with media or on stage at an Elite event.

 "I really never want to be a commercial in my presentation," said Rojas. "I know I zone out and so will the audience or readers if it's onea 8275 1 300 big commercial.

 "When I am on stage, it can get uncomfortable for me when it feels like a commercial. I try to use specifics of what I actually used during the event. I don't need to gratuitously promote sponsors then. People can see who my sponsors are on my jersey, boat, truck, on TV, social media, in photos, etc.

"I want to help promote my sponsors in a professional manner and also help fans catch more fish. Fishing is fun. The last thing I want to do is push a bad commercial on someone. I love dealing with fans, press and the promotional aspect of fishing. It is very important to me to present it correctly."

 Being the "frog guy" is who Rojas has become.

 "I'm the frog guy," said Rojas. "It doesn't matter if I'm catching fish on them in a tournament, people want to hear if I used them. It's expected I will mention my SPRO frogs. It is part of my persona.

 "The easy thing about it for me is that I use the SPRO frogs. They are terrific. Everything I'm sponsored by I use. Whether its Gamakatsu hooks or Oakley sunglasses.

 "I have a terrific relationship with my sponsors. I believe in the products and I believe in maintaining the integrity of our sport and the sponsors. Be honest with what you do and use and it will benefit everybody."