Largemouth Bass

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Heading South to Fish? Learn How to Battle Florida Cold Fronts

December 26, 2019
Are you thinking about heading south to fish this winter? Many of you do, and Florida is the destination for many snowbirds. The Sunshine State offers some of the best fishing in the world, and it’s…
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Six Fishing Tactics for Wintertime Bass

December 23, 2019
A frigid wind swept across the gray waters of the large impoundment as a pair of anglers cast their lures towards a sunken island. It was the middle of winter. The weather was nasty, their fingers…
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Watch Out for Dangerous Creatures When Kayak Fishing

July 25, 2016
Kayak fishing is lots of fun but in many cases it can be dangerous because of the creatures around you. These are few of the most dangerous creatures you could meet while kayak fishing with a few…
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6 Beat the Heat Tips for Kayak Fishing in Summer

July 25, 2016
It's hot out there! Even though you're kayak fishing only inches above the water, often the heat can get to you. If you don't regulate your body's heat gain you will suffer a heat injury such as…
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4 Types of Lights for Night Fishing

June 24, 2016
Anglers across the hemisphere are seeking solice from the summer heat. The best way to do that is night fishing. More and more folks want to try night fishing and I don't blame them. During your…
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How to Fish a Topwater Lure From a Kayak

June 9, 2016
When the weather gets hot so does the topwater bite. What many anglers don't think about is how to fish a topwater lure from a kayak. Not all boats and applications of the techniques are the same.…
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Pro Angler Dean Rojas Bassmaster Elite Series Success

March 25, 2015
Dean Rojas is as consistent as they come in the world of professional competitive bass fishing. Rojas is a frequent qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic and is often a serious contender for the…
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Bass Fishing Tips: How to Use Wobblers Style Lures

February 13, 2015
Largemouth and smallmouth bass love wobbler style lures and you should, too. The fishing lure’s wobbling action causes powerful surface strikes that will shake you to the bone. Fishing wobblers such…
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6 Must-Have Crankbaits for Largemouth Bass

November 17, 2014
  You could spend hours trying to narrow down what crankbaits are most important for putting fish in the boat. Crankbaits are available in all styles and shapes, making narrowing down the options a…
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3 Places to Throw Jerkbaits for Fall Largemouth

November 12, 2014
Jerkbaits are a great go-to lure for fall fishing. Just remember, largemouth are often sluggish in cold water, so be conservative with your retrieves. Anglers can have a lot of fun throwing…
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Try Bright Baits When Sight-Fishing Bass

October 19, 2014
While pink isn’t a common underwater color, these fising lures and baits can trigger aggressive bites. From season opener to autumn, I sight fish for bass whenever conditions allow. Although many…
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Fall Fishing Tactics for Largemouth Bass That Have Moved to Weedlines

September 19, 2014
The first frost of the year hit this morning, marking the end of the shallow water largemouth bass bite. Water temperatures have plummeted the last week, going from a balmy 77 degrees F to a chilly…