3 Places to Throw Jerkbaits for Fall Largemouth

News & Tips: 3 Places to Throw Jerkbaits for Fall Largemouth...
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Jerkbaits are a great go-to lure for fall fishing. Just remember, largemouth are often sluggish in cold water, so be conservative with your retrieves.

Anglers can have a lot of fun throwing jerkbaits for largemouth in the fall. The method covers water and hauls in big buckets. Here are three great places to toss these erratic hard baits for bass this fall.

Green weeds near deep water

In the North Country where I live, many largemouth leave weedy, shallow bays and shorelines, and move to deeper water as temperatures cool. Healthy green weeds near deep water are prime resting spots for largies on the move. Cast a jerkbait along the outside edge of a weedline and work it back to the boat along the vegetation edge. Long pauses are often a key to triggering bites from lethargic bass. Fan casting deep weed flats also works.


Many baitfish migrate into river and lake tributaries in the fall. Largemouth follow their food and concentrate around these sites, too. The confluence as well as up the tributary itself should be explored. Cast a jerkbait to specific targets, such as stumps or grass lines, as well as drop-off ledges. Leaving a bait still for a few seconds after touchdown has a knack for getting the attention of largemouth in the area.

Sun-drenched rocky shorelines

A warm, calm, sunny day in mid to late fall can produce incredible fishing. Often come afternoon, largemouth will have moved to sunny shorelines, bays, and points to bask in the sun and feed on crayfish and baitfish. Fan casting these areas with a jerkbait covers water and appeals to bass looking for a meal. Experiment with different retrieve styles and tempos until a cadence is found that matches the mood of the bass. Think moderate to cold-molasses slow.

Be sure to add jerkbaits to your fall fishing arsenal. Remember, largemouth are often sluggish in cold water, so conservative retrieves tend to be best. Of course, lures other than jerkbaits will also catch largemouth in autumn.

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