The Essential Kayak Gear List

Kayaks open an incredible range of opportunities to those who use them. When paired with the right equipment, kayaks can be many things: highly capable fishing platforms, remote camping expedition vessels, or just the perfect package for a relaxing day on the water.

Getting the most out of your kayaking experience requires the right gear. Here is our take on the essential kayak gear list. It provides everything you need to get out on the water.

Kayak Buyers Guide

Kayaks are among the most versatile vessels on the water. The kayak’s combination of ruggedness, ease of use and the ability to take anywhere, make it a favorite for families across North America. Adding to the kayak’s versatility are a number of design configurations that make them even more functional and user friendly.

This kayak buyer’s guide provides a breakdown of kayak models, sizes and options. With an understanding of the landscape of options, you can confidently choose the right kayak for the way that you would like to use it.

6 Key Items for Rigging Your Fishing Kayak

by Josh Workman, Cabela’s Pro Staff and Kayak Fishing Expert

Marine Electronics Work Great for Kayak Fishing

Sonar and GPS units are not just for traditional fishing boats. With new models featuring chirp technology, in combination with GPS to mark hot spots and help you navigate, the right unit can really step up your fishing game in a kayak. You'll want to learn about each of the features available, and decide which are most important to you in the way you fish.

Basic Guide to Kayaking for Beginners (video)

According to the Outdoor Industry Association participation report in 2018, 22.9 million Americans, or 7.6 percent of the U.S. population, took to rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans to participate in at least one paddling activity such as kayaking, canoes or paddle board.

Explore 3 of the Best Scenic Float Trips in the Ozarks (video)

For many years, the rivers and streams of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas have been favorite destinations for river floaters in search of what mother nature has to offer. I have been fortunate to live near three amazing rivers in the Midwest. The Jacks Fork River and Current River in Missouri and the White River which travels into Missouri then back into Arkansas.

Kayak Bassin’: 3 Can’t-Miss Finesse Jig Fishing Presentations

A Kayak has Many Perks for Fishing Bass

Being able to access remote waters and sneak-up on fish are particularly advantageous. But, even on secluded lakes teeming with bass, the fish don’t always make it easy. Some days you need to coax them with finesse tactics. Here are three reliable jig presentations to throw from a kayak.

Fly Fishing Personal Watercraft Buyer's Guide

Personal watercrafts are useful for a variety of situations. Fishing ponds or lakes from the shore can be frustrating, as it often seems that those rising fish are just beyond the reach of your fly. A float tube or pontoon boat is an easy solution. Wade fishing large blue-ribbon rivers can be next to impossible, but having a personal pontoon boat makes a drag-free dead drift through those hugely productive and low-pressured feeding lanes possible.

Paddle and Oar Buyer's Guide

You are captain of your own ship, guiding yourself down the paths of your own choosing — all the while using your arms as your guide. And your watercraft will never run out of gas unless you do, which is why it’s important to choose a paddle that works most intuitively with you to propel you forward.

Important Factors to Selecting Your Fishing Kayak

By Josh Workman, Cabela’s Pro Staff and Kayak Fishing Expert

There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself while selecting a kayak. What waters will you fish? Will you be taking extended paddling trips or only fishing the weekends? How much gear do you want to be able to take?

Begin Kayaking With These 7 Must-Have Kayak Gear Essentials

Key Paddling Gear You'll Need to Go Kayaking

Of course you need a kayak and a paddle. Your first few outings should probably be in a rented kayak. Perhaps you'll even decide to take lessons - formal or informal - from an experienced paddler. These first explorations will allow you to determine what you like and don't like and what type of kayak suits your needs the best. From there, you'll be prepared to do the research and shopping to set you up with the best rig for your needs ... or if you'll just continue renting, at least for awhile.