Bass Fishing Tips: How to Use Wobblers Style Lures

News & Tips: Bass Fishing Tips: How to Use Wobblers Style Lures...

Largemouth and smallmouth bass love wobbler style lures and you should, too. The fishing lure’s wobbling action causes powerful surface strikes that will shake you to the bone.
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Fishing wobblers such as jitterbugs, crazy crawlers and others are made so they wiggle across the surface when steadily retrieved. The constant motion allows fish to follow the bait in low light conditions.

Fish a wobbler like you would a crankbait by reeling it straight in toward you and letting the bait do all the work. Run it close to any good bass-holding cover and be ready.

It’s hard to beat the thrill of casting a big wobbler bait parallel to weedy shorelines on lakes and ponds and hearing the big splash of a big bass as it hits your bait.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio