Watson’s Spoon Jacking Post-Spawn Fishing Rig and Tricks (video)

MLF Pro James Watson knows that one of the most effective baits to fish during the post-spawn is a floating worm. That said, the bite only lasts for a week before fish get even more hungry. This is when they need to put on some weight as they rebound from the spawn.

Favorite Top Water Lures the Pros Like

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl

Primetime for topwater fishing is upon much of the bass fishing world. Who doesn’t love watching the brutality of nature at its finest as a bass tears a new one into your favorite topwater plug?Day6-FOG JoshGassmann-300

Mike Iaconelli’s Top 3 for Post-Spawn Bass

by Dave Landahl


Major League Fishing pro Mike Iaconelli has been around the block chasing bass from one end of the USA to the other. He makes his living catching them. So, he knows a little about how to hook ‘em most times of the year. This time out Ike helps us with his thoughts on his three most productive approaches for catching post-spawn bass.



Jonathon VanDam: 4 Tips to Finding Ice Out Bass (video)

Once the ice finally thaws in Michigan, if Bassmaster Elite angler and NITRO Pro Team member Jonathon VanDam is home in Michigan, you can bet he’s going to trailer his NITRO Z21 to his favorite largemouth lake to seek them out. Of course, he’ll be careful not to damage his boat if there’s a thin layer of ice on the lake in the morning.

Ott DeFoe’s Bassmaster Classic Winning Tackle & Tactics (video)

With an 18lb 14oz. bag on Championship Sunday, hometown hero Ott DeFoe sealed his first Bassmaster Classic victory. A total weight of 49lb 3oz over the three-day event propelled him to bass fishing immortality. While Ott clinched the title on St.

Pro Angler Bradley Roy’s Springtime Favorites for Bass

By Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl

Bradley Roy is a young dude at 28 years old, but he’s a 9-year veteran of the pro bass fishing wars. Roy fishes with the best-of-the-best on the MLF Bass Pro Tour. Fortunately, he had a few moments to share some info about his favorite springtime bass baits as he heads down the road to his next event.

Three Questions With Pro Angler Ott DeFoe

by Dave Landahl

Ott DeFoe’s star has been on the rise for the last several years. With winning tournaments and charming crowds with his amiable personality, DeFoe has pretty much everything a sponsor dreams of as a team member.


Three Questions With Pro Angler Timmy Horton

by Dave Landahl

Tim Horton is a seasoned bass pro who's been on the road fishing for a living for almost 20 years. He's won major events and been a vocal advocate for anglers and the sport of bass fishing in general.


How to Master Fishing a Brush Pile - Gerald Spohrer (video)

Gerald Spohrer has been lighting the Bassmaster Elite trail on fire this past season. Despite growing up fishing the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana which is devoid of brush piles, once he fished Toledo Bend, he quickly realized that he had to master fishing a brush pile with a worm. Today, it’s his “go-to” lure when breaking down brush piles.