Bassmaster Elite Series

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Fishing: Bassmaster Elite Series Excitement for the 2018 Season, Part 1.

January 23, 2018
by Dave Landahl   It's that time of the year again in the professional bass fishing world. That time is preseason for the upcoming Bassmaster Elite Series regular season starting in February.   This…
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Edwin Evers' Excellent Bag of Fishing Tricks

August 12, 2016
Edwin Evers is one of the most consistent anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Tour. To be that good, you can’t over look the fine details. A few winters back, the light went off when he started catching…
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Kevin VanDam's Secret Bait

June 7, 2016
Every once in a while there’s a new kid on the block that changes the rules a little.  With the emergency of the swinging football head, four-time Bassmaster Classic winner Kevin VanDam has found the…
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Working the Grass With Ott DeFoe

June 6, 2016
Ott DeFoe is almost always in the hunt for locking up a Bassmaster Classic qualification since he made his debut on the Bassmaster Elite Series several years ago. This Tennessee toad hunter is as…
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Josh Bertrand’s Carolina-Rigging Tricks for Finicky Largemouth Bass

April 22, 2016
Sometimes what is old can be made new again, and such is the tale of the Carolina-Rig.  Despite being directly responsible for countless fishing tournament wins and trophy bass brought to the boat,…
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Inside Evers: The Man. The Father. The Bassmaster Classic Champion

April 22, 2016
Edwin Evers plays for keeps and losing is never part of the equation, it’s just not how he’s wired.  Yet at the end of the day, he’s a father and a husband, first. Evers sat down with Bass Pro Shops…
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Host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show Mark Zona is the Featured Guest on Outdoor World Radio

March 30, 2016
It is finally the time of year we have all been waiting for. The days are getting longer and exciting events are happening at Bass Pro Shops. The Bass Pro Legends of Golf at Big Cedar Lodge kicks off…
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Clunn Finishes Strong on St. Johns River

March 21, 2016
On Nov. 5, 1976, Missouri angler Rick Clunn claimed his first B.A.S.S. victory in the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville. It was his first giant step toward becoming a true legend in the sport…
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Chris Lane Talks St. Johns River Bassmaster Elite

March 14, 2016
It's on! The 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series is on! The 111 Elite pros are practicing on the St. Johns River system and Pros4- 1Source was lucky enough to have the 2014 St. Johns Elite champ Chris Lane…
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Three Questions with Fishing Pro Angler Byron Velvick

February 22, 2016
Bassmaster Elite Series pro Byron Velvick has dealt with physical injuries over the last few years. These setbacks have been severe enough to keep him from fishing competitively. Last year he…
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Chris Lane's Most Reliable Bass Fishing Technique

February 17, 2016
Stren pro Chris Lane has been on a roll since 2012. Lane won the Bassmaster Classic in 2012 and since then he's won a Bassmaster Elite Series event each year. Like any successful bass pro, Lane has…
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Pro Angler Jacob Powroznik's Three Fishing Must Haves

January 14, 2016
Just as no two snowflakes are alike, neither are the pros and their opinions on must-have fishing gear. But the common bond is supreme: confidence. So, our first confident participant this time out…