Three Questions with Fishing Pro Angler Byron Velvick

Byron Velvick at work on Lake Guntersville in Alabama. by Byron Velvick at work on Lake Guntersville in Alabama....

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Byron Velvick has dealt with physical injuries over the last few years. These setbacks have been severe enough to keep him from fishing competitively. Last year he suffered another injury that sidelined him for much of the season.

No worries, though. The time off has not been wasted by Velvick. He's been working out like a mad man and is physically ready to compete in 2016 on the Elite Series. However, is he mentally up for the challenge of answering Three Questionsa 9536 1 300-250 inside from Pros4- 1Source? Read on friends, read on.

DL - What is your favorite workout routine?

BV - I love the old P90X. I'm a big fan of the workout in a box. I take the DVDs with me and play them on my laptop when I'm traveling. I know the routines and characters by heart. I know all the lines. I turn the volume down on the computer and my music volume way up and get to work.

I use the old school version with muscle confusion principals not the Insanity version. That is the version for people 50 and older who want to drop dead.

DL - If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

BV - In a big house on Clear Lake in California. One of those gorgeous homes in the Lucerne Valley. It would have a nice boat house with stalls.

I'd have the option to fish whenever I want at the push of a button. I'd also be able to go hiking in the mountains, bicycling, all sorts of fun right at my fingertips.

DL - Do you prefer steak or dessert?

BV - Desserts. I have the Cuchetti Curse. I have a full-blown sweet tooth.

The Cuchetti Curse is from my mom's side of the family. They are Italian and all suffer from it. There is just something in the taste buds that gets triggered when we are finishing the main meal. The taste buds fire off. Something snaps and the curse kicks in.  Dessert is not an option at that point. It is a necessity.

If I'm at a place that advertises it is known for their carrot cake, my mind is already made up what I am getting.