Randy Howell's Pro Preferences

Randy Howell by Randy Howell

by Pros4- 1Source's   Dave Landahl

Randy Howell is no stranger to glory and fame in pro bass fishing. He's won multiple tournaments including the coveted Bassmaster Classic. Howell has been on the pro trails for over two decades and isn't stopping anytime soon.

What keeps a pro of Howell's caliber going for so long at such a top-notch level? Well, an awful lot, but Randy shared three of his favorite things about being a pro angler that keep him striving on tour and enjoying every second of life on the road.

Making Friends

"My life as a professional angler has given me the opportunity to make so many friends," said Howell. "I have relationships with people all over the country who share the same passion I do for fishing. This is my favorite thing about being av300-250 pro. All of the good people I've met. In my 20-plus years doing this, I bet I have friends in 20 or more states that would help me when I needed it with just a phone call.

"After the Mille Lacs tournament this year, I had a shoot for Daiwa. A buddy of mine was driving my rig back home and I was going to catch a flight out of Minneapolis. Well it got late and there were no hotels available for me to stay near the airport. I called a friend who lives locally and asked him his thoughts. He said he lived only 20 minutes away and he let me stay overnight.

"It's not about the job, fishing or winning for me. I've learned as I get older, this is all about the relationships you build and the people you meet."

Good Eats

"Now, for me and my family the good food we get to try is also very important," said Howell. "My family travels with me and we really like trying all of the different local cuisines. Whether it's jambalaya in Louisiana, barbecue in Texas, seafood in Florida or cheese in Wisconsin. I mean, when my kids hear somebody talk about cheeseheads in Wisconsin they'll be able to say they had cheese curds in Lambeau Field in Green Bay. That's pretty cool.

"Trying the local food and meeting the people who have such pride in what they make; it's a big plus for me."

Fishing, Duh

"Of course it would be weird if I didn't mention fishing," said Howell. "I really enjoy being able to fish in so many different locations. Smallies here, spotted bass there, largemouth bass everywhere.

"The opportunities to catch bass in so many diverse fisheries using so many techniques are pretty wonderful."