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The 3 Most Important Things About Dispersed Camping on Public Land

August 31, 2017
Is your idea of “camping” to “get away from it all?” If your answer is “yes,” what does that really mean? “Dispersed camping” is the term used for camping on public lands anywhere outside of a…
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10 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Campers & Hikers

March 10, 2017
Every now and then, it’s fun to whip out the Dutch oven for a tasty breakfast treat - like our caramel cinnamon rolls. But for the majority of backpackers and campers morning meals are often quick,…
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Ode to Jerky – The ULTIMATE Camping Food

March 6, 2017
Jerky – real handmade, artisan jerky made from meticulously cared for strips of real, lean meat – is the ULTIMATE camping food. It has been for a long, long time all around the world. There are…
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4 Exercises to Help Prepare for Hunting Situations

November 25, 2014
We spend countless hours — and much of our paychecks — on outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. So when we get to a remote location, the last thing we need is to feel too winded and worn out…
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Demystify Map and Compass With Easy Orienteering Tips Anyone Can Use

November 7, 2014
Declination, triangulation, contour lines, scale … with lots of jargon and no “on/off” switch involved, navigation with a map and compass can be daunting for first-timers. But it doesn’t have to be.…
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3 Surefire Ways to Filter and Purify Water When in the Wilderness

November 4, 2014
“The Bloodletting on the Bloodvein.” That’s what my Canadian wilderness adventure pals dubbed our fishing and paddling excursion along the Bloodvein River in Ontario and Manitoba. We’d anticipated…
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7 Reasons You Should Use Solar Power to Charge Your Electronics

October 29, 2014
I’m a tech junkie, even when I’m out fishing, hunting or camping. But, I’m a dolt when it comes to keeping my electronics charged and ready when needed. Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrapI can’t count the…
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How to Select a Wilderness Campsite That’s Safe and Comfy

October 29, 2014
In an instant the blue-sky, 70-degree, high-country afternoon morphed into a mother of a storm. My husband and I jumped off our horses and secured them, threw our saddles adorned with all our gear…
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9 Tips for Eco-Friendly Wilderness Camping

October 12, 2014
When enjoying wilderness camping, an additional set of environmentally friendly camping criteria comes into play. Keep Mother Nature in mind by setting up camp away from the water and areas with…
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7 Safety Tips You Need to See Before Your Next Fall Hike

October 5, 2014
The rain ended an hour before daylight, but the ground and brightly-colored leaf litter covering the forest floor remained wet. Rain water dripping off of the tree limbs was beginning to slow its…
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How to Turn a Rainy Day Into an Incredible Hiking Experience

September 26, 2014
Arrive at any trailhead, even popular ones, on a rainy day and your vehicle will likely be the only one there. Rainy days on the trail can be uncomfortable while backpacking, but for a day hike, don’…
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Portable Water Filter Options & Tips for Using Them

August 4, 2014
If you hunt, fish or backpack out west, having enough water is a serious issue. You'll be sucking dry air and will need to consume a lot of water. Years ago we'd throw a canteen in our backpack, then…