Exercise & Workouts

No Membership Required: At-Home Hunter Specific Workouts

If you’re like me, you detest the thought of going to the gym. The only thing that’s worse is paying the outrageous monthly fees. I tried this once and felt more guilt than good health from my membership’s lack of use. Rural living can make it even more difficult to access a fitness center.  Being an avid outdoorsman, I am proud to say that the nearest elliptical machine is no less than 25 miles away. Regardless of this handicap, I still manage to stay in shape with a few easy, and rather fun, cardio and muscular workouts.

Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Your Hunt

Just before this past Christmas I suffered a bout of near-debilitating back pain. For many days I had trouble sleeping, walking or even just standing up straight, and I had to undergo medical treatment several times a week. Fortunately this happened after I had wrapped up all my deer hunting for the year, but it made me shudder to think what would have happened if this had hit me while I was away on one of my various far-from-home deer hunts this past season.