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How to Pack Any Cooler to Keep Your Food Colder Longer (video)

9 Best Ways to Keep Your Food Cold Longer in a Cooler

Whether you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a roto-molded cooler or your budget is more in line with a traditional double-walled cooler – we all want the same thing. We want a cooler to keep our food and drinks cold for as long as possible!

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hunting Morel Mushrooms (video)

You Can Find Morel Mushrooms This Spring!

If you’re a spring turkey hunter, particularly in the Midwest, you’ve probably run across other hunters in the woods who are definitely not turkey hunting … at least at the moment. They are walking very slowly, usually in small circles. They exhibit a stooped, head-down posture, but they don’t have their smartphones out.

6 Proven Pie Iron Recipes to Up Your Pudgie Pie Cooking Game (video)

Cooking pudgy pies with a pie iron over an open fire is usually thought of as something to keep the kiddies occupied during a camping trip. They turn out grilled cheese sandwiches, toasted PB & J's, and s’mores and go away happy with the evidence on their cheeks. But wait, what about the grown-ups?

3 Delicious Camping-Friendly Apple Recipes

Come early autumn each year, one of the most popular family outdoor activities is picking apples. Orchards hold festivals that include hay rides, bonfires, entertainment, tastings, and … of course … apple picking.

Mountain Man Cooking Recipes (video)

Let’s just admit it. Any time you go camping, you feel like a mountain man. It doesn’t matter whether you're hunting in the wilderness or you’ve packed into a remote camp somewhere on the Snake River in Idaho; canoed to a secluded island site in the BWCA; or simply rolled the RV down the road to a KOA. Waking up in “camp” instills that first explorer, mountain man feeling.

How to Care and Season Cast Iron Cookware (video)

If you’re a serious camper – short of somebody who carries camp on his or her own back – chances are you probably look at a cast iron skillet and Dutch oven as core to your camping gear. Cast iron is the original non-stick cooking surface. With a skillet and a Dutch oven, there’s basically nothing you can’t cook in camp … at least anything a hungry camper wouldn’t want to eat.

The Most Insanely Delicious S’mores Recipes You’ve Never Heard Of

S’mores are a camping and backyard cooking staple. Combining graham crackers, milk chocolate bars, and creamy gooey toasted marshmallows … what’s not too like? But what if you could make s’mores even better? Dare we say, even more decadent? Would you?

12 Cool Gifts for the Outdoor Cook

camp shopHave you got a camp cook … or at least a wannabe … on your gift buying list for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day … or just because? Consider yourself lucky! You’re never going to run out of great gift ideas.