Hunting Gear

Game Cams: A Break Down of the Options and Applications

Lance from Safari River Outfitters in Saskatchewan breaks down how his operation relies on Cabela’s trail cameras to put hunters in the right situations for deer and bear on more than a half million acres of wilderness. Safari River deploys a range of cameras, both cell and traditional. Lance provides some insight into the benefits and application of various styles and the benefits that Cabela’s trail cameras provide to Safari River’s operation.

How to Choose Your Whitetail Cartridge (infographic)

Whether you’re choosing your first or your fifteenth deer rifle, there are lots of decisions to be made. And with all the numbers describing the various deer rifle calibers and corresponding ammo, the search for the best deer gun can feel like a math problem.

Rifle Scope Buyer's Guide

Telescopic sights have been around since before the Civil War, but only in the years after World War II did manufacturers revisit the design, making improvements to scopes and ultimately offering hunters reliable equipment that would soon become a standard on modern hunting rifles.

What does a scope do for you?

Hunting Bullet Buyer's Guide

Selecting the right ammunition for your hunting trip was pretty straightforward decades ago. It seemed that there were fewer calibers to choose from, and a bullet was a bullet in those days. Today you’ll find myriad options on the ammo shelves at your favorite sporting goods store, and discussion of ammunition can often sound like a college lesson in aerodynamics if you don’t speak the language.