The Essential Early Season Whitetail Pack with Chuck Belmore

The Essential Early Season Whitetail Pack with Chuck Belmore

Chuck Belmore, Bass Pro Shops hunting and bowfishing pro team member and host of the Habit TV, provides his take on the essential early season white tail pack. An experienced hunter who knows his way around the woods, Chuck graciously shares his perspective.

For the treestand, Belmore prefers a smaller pack with plenty of pockets. He organizes his pack in terms of the order he will use the items inside.

The first thing out, his safety harness for getting into and out of the tree. Next his binoculars. Chuck stores the essentials that are not always used—zip ties, zip lock with toilet paper and paper towels, extra carabiner, extra release and spare batters— in pockets and parts of the pack that are out of the way.

The organization and contents of Chuck’s pack reflect pragmatism and preparedness. Following his method, you’ll not only be able to easily access everything you commonly use, but also have all of preparations that you don’t need often, but really need them when you do.

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Here's Chuck Bellmore's early season whitetail pack:

  1. Small back pack
  2. Safety Harness
  3. Binoculars
  4. Rangefinder
  5. Limb saw
  6. Extra tree step
  7. Lighter
  8. Spare release
  9. Flashlight
  10. Battery charger for cell phone
  11. Wind indicator
  12. Extra mask
  13. Extra gloves
  14. Zip ties
  15. Bow holder
  16. Extra carabiner
  17. Electrical tape
  18. Knife
  19. Reflective Trail Markers
  20. Thermacell
  21. Bag with toilet paper and paper towels