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Every once in a long while, a product comes along that revolutionizes the process of hunting – the compound bow, in-line muzzleloader, trail cameras and now the Havalon family of knives. I can vividly remember the first time I handled each of these revolutionary hunting products (each was more of an epiphany than a product), but especially the first time I held a Havalon.

Spotting Scope Buyer's Guide

Spotting scopes are, in essence, telescopes with a shorter focal length, designed for terrestrial observations beyond the effective range of typical binoculars. They enable hunters to locate and evaluate game from a great distance, without being detected. Spotting scopes also give hunters the ability to determine if an animal is worthy of pursuit.

Spotting scopes come in both fixed and variable focal lengths. The variable models are more flexible, enabling wide areas to be scanned with shorter focal lengths and then examined in greater detail at maximum zoom.

Binoculars Buyer's Guide

One of the handiest things to have in the outdoors is a quality pair of binoculars. Whether you are hiking, viewing wildlife, hunting, or even at a sporting event, binoculars can bring the outdoors a little closer to you. Binoculars help you survey the terrain ahead, scout for and view wildlife without spooking them, or just enjoy a piece of nature up close that you may have otherwise missed.

The X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed Rifle Sports Big-League Features (video)

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Browning Hell’s Canyon Speed Rifle - 300 Win Mag. I’d like to start by saying that my style is a tad different from what you might expect from most product reviews. I like to keep my articles casual and shoot things straight. I like to buy my gear and provide honest feedback to my readers.