How to Choose Your Whitetail Cartridge (infographic)

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Whether you’re choosing your first or your fifteenth deer rifle, there are lots of decisions to be made. And with all the numbers describing the various deer rifle calibers and corresponding ammo, the search for the best deer gun can feel like a math problem.

winchester ammo
Winchester 350 Legend, 145 Grain
straight-walled cartridge. Ideal rifle ammo
for hunters and sport shooters
inside bullet
Legend Rifle Ammo

Make the decision-making process easier with the graphic below, which offers a range of effective calibers and bullet weights as well as what cartridges are most versatile and effective and what ammunition is easiest to find – all in one handy, dandy guide!

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Tip: The Winchester 350 Legend  145 grain cartridge is a straight-walled cartridge offering high velocity and low recoil and is ideal for hunters and sport shooters. Other features include: approximately 20% less recoil than 243 Win and 20% more penetration. More energy than 30-30 Win., 300 Blackout and 223 Rem.

The Winchester USA Centerfire Rifle Ammo is loaded with premium components to ensure reliable function in self-defense situations, yet it is value priced, making it also a great ammunition for tactical firearms training, practice, informal target shooting, or stockpiling for emergencies. Reloadable brass cases. Made in USA.

Why Would You Need a Cartridge Other Than a .30-30?

Classic deer cartridges like the .30-30, .35 Rem., l300 Sav. have taken millions of deer. However, other more versatile cartridges allow you to shoot farther, plus they offer more choices in rifles and greater variety in factory loads.

How Hard Will the Cartridge Recoil Be?

There's no reason to shoot a cartridge that kicks too hard for you to handle. The 7mm - 08 Rem and Winchester.350 Legend FMJ are low - recoiling choices, shooting 140-145 grain bullets. In .270 WIN., .308 WIN., .30-06 and some others, special reduced recoil loads are offered.

Winchester Centerfire Rifle Ammo
Winchester Super-X .308 WIN Power
Point Centerfire Rifle Ammo

Which Deer Ammo is the Easiest to Find?

Normally, acquiring common whitetail hunting centerfire rifle ammo isn't difficult. Keep in mind, the .308 WIN., .30-06, .300 WIN. Mag. and .350 Legend that offer the widest variety of factory-loaded ammo.

Choosing your deer rifle is a big decision and you'll want a rifle cartridge that will serve you now and in seasons to come.

Here is a quick whitetail cartridge guide to get you started making the decision of what cartridge you want to choose. Weight the options and make the choice that's best for you.

Click here to see a larger view of the How to Choose Your Whitetail Cartridge guide.

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