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Bass Pro Shops and The National Fish Habitat Partnership: Empowering a Bright Future for Fishing in America

The National Fish Habitat Partnership is the most comprehensive freshwater conservation program in the United States. The partnership began with a spark of inspiration from Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops and noted conservationist.

Johnny had grown concerned over the chronic degradation of freshwater habitat across the United States. Many reservoirs in the United States were impounded in the 1960s or before. When reservoirs were first created, they were full of submerged timber and other underwater habitat that is essential for bass, crappie and for baitfish.

How to Choose the Right Boat for You

Many people begin their boat buying search by looking for the perfect boat. Does such a thing really exist? We’ve decided to write this article to save you from hours of online research and to let you in on something of an industry secret.

There is no such thing as the perfect boat. A boat, rather, can only become perfect when the right model is deployed in the right situation. The number of boat styles, options and configurations available today make it possible to precisely match your perfect vision of boat ownership with a vessel that can deliver it.

How to Set Up Live Sonar on Your Boat: A Guide

Live sonar has revolutionized the fishing landscape. While the result is easy to understand—you can view fish underwater in real time—you’ll need to compile a number of compatible pieces of hardware to make it work on your boat.

This article provides a breakdown of what you need to make live sonar work as well as some background on features, products and accessories that can round out your boat’s set up. We even provide a helpful reference chart at the bottom of this article that lists the proprietary names used by each electronics company for their live sonar products.

Why You Should Buy a Boat in 2023

Time spent outside makes life better. In a world over run with distraction and overstimulation—e-mails, text messages, electronic calendar invitations, time outdoors helps people unwind and live in the moment. It is good for people of all ages and it is good for families.

Are You Boating Safety Smart? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Do you know what the required safety equipment you must have on a boat is? The United States Coast Guard has outlined the safety precautions and gear you need in this extensive printable PDF guide titled “A Boater’s Guide to the Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats”.

What's Your Favorite Type of Wine While Relaxing on the Water? (poll)

We're Wondering What's the Best Wine to Choose for On-the-Lake Relaxing in a Pontoon

The REGENCY luxury pontoon boat wants to know what your favorite type of  wine it white, red or rosé? Please take our quick poll and tell us what you prefer.

5 Revealing Questions to Ask When Buying a Fishing Boat

Are You Wanting to Buy a Fishing Boat?

White River Marine Group spokesperson and Product Development Manager, Steve Mason, knows fishing boats. He was once one of the nation’s largest Tracker boat dealers, has spent hundreds of hours on the retail floor, and is now an industry consultant.

What's Your Favorite REGENCY Pontoon Activity? (poll)

Will You be Relaxing With Friends Onboard Your Pontoon This Summer?

Do you prefer to relax with family and/or friends onboard your pontoon boat to cruising? Or maybe you’d rather use your boat for dinner and drinks over watersports? We invite you to tell us what your favorite activity is on your REGENCY pontoon boat.

What's Your Favorite Pontooning Activity? (poll)

Will You be On the Water With Your Pontoon This Summer?

Fishing. Tubing. Napping. Grilling. Swimming. Or just spending the day with your grandkids. The options for a day of fun onboard a pontoon boat are virtually unlimited. So, inquiring minds want to know—what’s your favorite activity ?